Incredibly Easy Edible Easter Terrarium

easy edible easter terrarium mason jar gift mason jar easter terrarium

So for Easter I normally just give people a packet of chocolate eggs and an Elegant Rabbit in the plastic shopping bag they came in. Gorgeous I know. Since I’ve started this blog, I seem to be slowly morphing into a Pinterest mum who not only does crafts but manages to package presents. When I […]

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Shaving Cream Easter Egg Gift Tags

Shaving Cream Easter Egg Gift Tags easter shaving cream painting easter eggs easter gift tags easter present easter chocolate

​We all know toddlers love mess. Oh my god do they love it. This is possibly the messiest craft activity I have ever seen, but it was so much fun it was almost worth the mess. Almost. Watching the glee on a toddler’s face as they squelch and smoosh shaving cream is definitely something everyone […]

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