Let Me Show You My Happy Place

I have a confession to make and it’s sort of wierd and more than a little bit embarrassing.

I frequently plan overseas trips that I am not actually taking. And when I say plan, I don’t mean just daydream and add things to a Pinterest board. I mean make budgets, itineraries, research the best way to get between places, make packing lists. It’s my happy place, whenever I’m stressed about something, I start looking at trip advisor and making a colour coded spreadsheet with ideas of things to see and I feel myself relax. I once went on a trip to Canberra with my husband. He’d lived there his whole life and I showed him a bunch of stuff he didn’t even know existed. In another life I think I would have made a fantastic travel agent because at times I think I enjoy planning a holiday more than actually going.

One day I do plan to take these trips. For example we were planning to go New Zealand before I got pregnant (oops) and we still plan to go when H gets a bit older. But the place I’ve always to go more than anywhere in the world is New York City and I’ve been planning my fictional trip to The Big Apple since I first got internet access in high school. It’s evolved a little since then but there’s still a bucket list of at least 50 things I want to do which I’ll need multiple visits to complete. For today’s confession, I’m going to share my top 5 must see things in New York City.

Ice Skating in Rockefeller Centre
new york rockefeller

I’ve wanted to do this ever since I first watched the Saturday Night Live Christmas specials as a teenager. It just looks so romantic with that giant Christmas tree. As a Queenslander I’ve actually never seen snow in my entire life and the closest I’ve come to this is ice skating at Pacific Fair during the Christmas holidays as a kid. I’m fairly certain the reality of snow is not as magical as television would have me believe, but I’m happy to have my illusions shattered. Just let me do it in New York.

See The Dark Tower
new york turtle

The Dark Tower novels by Stephen King was one of my first flirtations with the epic fantasy genre as a teen and the love of them has stuck with me my whole life. I shared them with my husband when we first met, and him adoring them almost as much as I do cemented our relationship. King has a habit of putting real life locations into his novels so imagine my excitement to find that the Dark Tower and pocket park visited by the characters are real. I actually plan to do a tour of all the New York Dark Tower locations. Someone’s made a helpful map here.

Buy A Comic At Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash
new york jay and silent bob

I kinda love Kevin Smith. I watch Comic Book Men, loved Clerks and adore Dogma. Even though there’s a low chance I’d actually meet him, I’d still like to pop into this store and buy all the things. While I’m in Jersey I’d probably pop in to the Quick Stop and see if I can buy a Gatorade.

Cosplay at ComicCon
new york comic con

Most people argue that if you’re travelling to the US for Comic Con you should really go to San Diego. I’d like to do them both but New York is where its at for me. There’s other things in the city I want to see and it’s got more of a focus on comics and reading over movies and TV. I’ve done some casual cosplay at conventions here but I’d really like to go for the big leagues – plus with the weather difference it’d be nice not to be melting in the heat while dressed up.

Visit Hook & Ladder 8

new york ghostbusters
This place is better known as Ghostbusters headquarters, but even though its in active use as a fire station, it still has the Ghostbusters logos painted and stuck on everywhere. It’s just one of those iconic locations that everyone needs a photo of even if they can’t go inside.

What’s your dream travel destination? Share in the comments or join the link up over at My Home Truths!

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  1. Ooh – I’m adding all these to my NY list (although we’d have to do SD Comic Con – we just have to!!!)

  2. What a fascinating hobby! You definitely should have been a travel agent 🙂 . New York is high on my list … don’t know if I’d go to all these attractions though! I like the ice skating at Rockefeller Centre one. Would love to see the Empire State Building, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square – yes all the touristy stuff – there’s a reason they’re so popular with tourists, it’s because they are AWESOME!

  3. OMG! Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash? (I am also kinda in love with Kevin Smith…) ComicCon? (The NYC one apparently has a bigger focus on comics than San Diego, which is fine by me!) Ghostbusters? What an awesome list – please take me with you! 😀

  4. I have been to New York and loved it and want to go back, I wish I had of read your blog before I went as they look amazing and apart from Ice Skating in Rockefeller Centre, they weren’t on my travel agent recommendation.

    1. My Google fu is quite good for this particular obsession. I bet you had a fantastic time. I want to do all the touristy stuff too like the Statue of Liberty and Empire State!

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