Toddlin’ About: Out Of The Box Festival

What Is Out Of The Box?

Out Of The Box is a biennial festival for children under 8 in Brisbane, focusing on art, culture and music. With so many things to see and do, it’s hard to pick favourites and yet for you dear reader, I will. Here are my top 5 activities at the 2016 Out Of The Box festival.

Reflection Room

out of the box reflection room

Imagine the largest playgroup you’ve ever seen and you’d come pretty close to this room.  There were mirrors, cushions, toys, books and crafts. A toddler Aladdin’s Cave – every time you thought you’d fully explored it, you’d turn a corner and find even cooler to play with.


Gong Garden

out of the box gong garden

An entire garden full of gongs, bells and singing bowls. It sounds like a  toddler dream and a parental migraine and yet it was actually quite beautiful. It was a suprise how little noise there was in this space, even with twelve children hitting gongs with all their might. A highlight was the much quieter singing bowls,


Readings By The River

out of the box courier mail hangout space

It’s no secret to any parent that sometimes our little people just need a break. Thankfully, this space was perfectly set-up with giant bean bags and books – perfect for a bit of a time out from the excitement outside. I could have spent hours in here listening to the picture book readings. Reminds me of my own toddler days! As you can see, Bear absolutely had to sit in the chair and pretend to give his own reading.


Little Big Shots Drive In Theatre

out of the box little big shots

Little Big Shots is Australia’s only international film festival for kids. It’s a new feature at the Out Of The Box festival, but I think it will be a regular from now on. With a series of different programs throughout the festival, there was something here for every little film critic.  Each child had a little car to sit in and have a snack, creating a teeny drive-in. Seriously, how cute are these cars?


 Touch and Go

out of the box festival touch and go

Touch & Go was our only  paid event at the festival, and this was well worth the price. Created by Sally Chance & Heather Frahn, this was a musical performance designed especially for two year olds that invited them up to dance and move with the performers. I’d definitely eagerly go to any other performance that these guys put on. They took a simple concept and turned into something very cool. I’ve never had so much fun playing with masking tape!


The Out Of The Box Festival was held in Brisbane between 21-28 July 2016.
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  1. We went to out of the box this year too: My daughter loved the free ballet class, it was so cute! and we all saw the Gazillion Bubble show and thought it was awesome! We try and go to Out of the Box whenever it is on, it is such an awesome festival. When I studied Early Childhood at uni I volunteered there too which was such an awesome experience. It’s a shame they don’t do as many of the awesome workshops like they used to do.

    1. Oh I so wanted to do Gazillion bubbles but it was sold out! I’m so jealous.

      I remember it seemed bigger when I used to go with my friends kids many moons ago. Hopefully they can build it back up again.

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