Never Have I Ever: 7 Things I’ve Never Done

Never Have I Ever is a drinking game that I’ve never actually played. I couldn’t really commit to one answer so , again with the lists – it’s so hard to nail myself down to one point when I can write Buzzfeed-y lists that let everyone get to know me far too well.

1. Seen Snow Fall

never have i snow

Do you want to build a snowman? No I can’t because I’ve only ever seen sludge. Sad face emoticon. This one is partially about where I live in Queensland and partially about tragic bad luck when travelling interstate. Even when I go in snow weather, I never seem to see it properly fall.

2. Been Overseas

never have i ever overseas

We were planning our first trip overseas to New Zealand when I got pregnant with Bear, so my overseas travel has been happily postponed for a few years until he is big enough to really enjoy it.

3. Broken a bone

never have i ever bone

I had a hairline fracture in my toe that I got playing Kinectimals but no actual breaks.  Yup that’s right I had to front up to my GP and explain I hurt myself playing a video game. After she finished laughing, she was very helpful.

4. Gotten a tattoo

never have i tattoo

I’ve always wanted one but I’m a bit of of coward when it comes to needles. I’d want to get something small and meaningful though so it would take me some time to think about.

5. Shot a gun

never have i ever gun

Never done it. Don’t care to try. I get freaked out driving a car because I know how easily I could hurt someone.

6. Gone trick or treating

never have i trick or treating

A function of my Australian upbringing this one. I’ve always loved Halloween but it wasn’t a huge deal in Australia when I was growing up. Now its getting more popular I so look forward to taking Bear out to same safe trick or treating when he gets bigger.

7. Run more than 500m

never have i ever run

Basically I think the only reason one should run is if I am being chased. And even then I’d have to really think about it. I’ve walked a 5KM fun run before, and I was absolutely shagged out afterwards. I’d much rather be a slow walker than a fast runner.

Are you read to play Never Have I Ever? Share something you’ve never done in the comments or join the link up over at My Home Truths!

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    1. It always looks awesome when I see things. My neighbourhood is into it now so I see all the little kids. I can’t wait!!!

  1. I haven’t done most of these either. I have shot a gun though. I grew up in the bush and one of my uncles was a roo shooter. When he and one of his mates (it was the first and last time he was allowed to do it because shooting a gun wa just one of the things they let me do lol!) baby sat me they let me shoot at a can on Granny’s fence. I don’t really want to repeat the experience though.

    1. Sometimes I think I’d like to try it just to say I have. But then I remember I’m super clumsy so it’s probably not safe. I’ve been known to trip over my own feet. While sitting down.

    1. I definitely will! I was surprised how many people have never broken a bone actually. It seems to be really common.

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