Mums Night Out: Bad Moms

Oh man have I been looking forward to this movie. From the first trailer, I was hooked by the premise, and add in Kristen Bell (who is totally my spirit animal) and I could not freakin wait.  My mother’s group and I organised a rare night out to hang out with the Bad Moms.


bad moms mums night out chicks at the flicks party

What I Loved

This movie has the feel of a grown up Mean Girls – it has very similar plotting and pace as well as a number of scenes in common – the final PTA meeting where everyone Spartacus’s their Bad Mom moment isn’t a million miles away from the gym scene (she doesn’t even go here!) but it works.  Everyone in this movie fits a stereotype – the perfect mum, the judger, the stressing working mum and the over frazzled stay at home – but the actors own the parts so well that it only rarely veers into the realm of caricature.

I absolutely cannot finish this review without talking about the magic that is Carla.  Kathryn Hahn’s oversexed single mother is possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen in years. She takes what could have been an irritating one note joke, and turns it into something hysterically sweet and funny. Her pep talk to Amy in the film’s finale is one of the best movie speeches of all time. Please put her in all the movies from now on, kay?

What I Didn’t Love

I really loathe the way that the men in this movie are portrayed. Bad Moms definitely gives into the stereotype of the useless dad. With the exception of the ‘hot widower’ (who let’s be honest is just there to look pretty), the men in this movie are terrible husbands and fathers. It made me want to go home and hug my husband for being so awesome.

This movie definitely has a target audience – there’s not a lot here for non-parents.  There’s some universal humour (you’ll never look at a hoodie the same way again) but the biggest gags are reserved for those who’ve experienced the great dichotomy of parenthood. We make fun of our kids and bitch about not having slept since 2002, but by god you love those little people so much you could cry. Hopefully targeting the movie like this turns out to be a wise choice, but I predict a huge uptake on home release rather than a box office hit with this one.

Recommended For

Well parents, obviously. Also anyone who’s still trying to make fetch happen or loved The Sweetest Thing.


Bad Moms is out now! Go watch it!

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  1. I want to see this! I’m disappointed but not surprised that the dads are a let down. I’d love to see real dads portrayed- if we keep playing in to tired tropes like that, we keep showing men how little is expected of them making involved, hands on dads the exception and not the rule. (steps off soap box!)

    1. So true!!! That’s exactly what I think as well. I get what they were getting at. Weirdly, I think maybe more development of the male love interest could have helped here. He seems a good dad, but he’s mostly there to tell Mila Kunis she’s pretty.

  2. I have to admit I hate the way men often get put down in the whole ‘mummy’ thing – but that’s pretty common in real life so I guess that’s why people find it funny…

    1. Yeah. I guess I looked around the cinema and thought, most of us are out because dads are taking on more and more. It didn’t really seem fair to lampoon them like that. I think it’s a stereotype that dads aren’t involved and we keep perpetuating it.

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing it, although you are probably right – I probably won’t get to the cinema to see it

  4. I really want to try and get to see this before our baby number three arrives. Do you think it would be an okay ‘date night’ movie to see with my husband or should I go with my sister {also a Mum to young children}?

  5. I went last night expecting total rubbish and was blown away – it’s a brilliant movie! The movie cinema was totally packed too, full of women laughing and shouting things out – and the whole cinema broke into applause when Kristen Bell told the husband she wasn’t coming home to sort out the kids dramas! It was such a fun experience I want to go again next Friday night!! (-8

    1. Kathryn Hahn is fantastic. Love her so much. I had a child-free girlfriend go and she said she laughed her head off so that’s a pretty good review right there! Go!

    1. I think it’s amazing that it’s giving mums a push to take some time out. The session I went to was full of mums letting their hair down, which is awesome! We all deserve it 🙂

  6. Best movie I have seen in a long time. Had a great laugh! I agree it was a bit cliched in parts but overall really relatable and so much fun. Thanks so much for linking up with me on Flat Bum Mum. Bron x

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