Merry Blogmas: 5 Products I Can’t Live Without

Today’s Blogmas topic is things I can’t live without. Until I tried to narrow this down, I had no idea how many things I honestly felt I need (consumer driven little beast that I am) but here is my top 5.

blogmas can't live without


Brauers Paw Paw Lip Shimmer in Pink Diamond

This is a recent discovery but I love it so very very much.  We’ve been using Brauers Paw Paw on H’s nappy rash for quite some time, but I just found out they do the most beautiful lip balms with a bit of sparkle. Petrochemical free and sits so lightly, never feels oily or greasy.

Pumpkin Nutrios

Okay this is less one for me and more one for H – but seriously these things have saved my sanity on a number of occasions. It’s so easy to shove a couple bags in your handbag when you are going out just to stop a hangry baby from having a tantrum. Seriously trust me, no-one wants to see H have a hangry baby tantrum. It is not pretty guys.

Kindle Paperwhite (plus Kindle apps)

I was a bit of a hold out on the Kindle, I insisted that books were far superior. I snobbishly sniffed at these electronic readers thinking they couldn’t possibly be anywhere near as good. And then I went away for work for three and a half weeks and had to take a truly ridiculous amount of books so I could read every night while I was away. I  fell short and had to buy more at the airport and then ran out halfway through the flight home. So the e-reader convert was born. I still have paper copies of my favourite books that I read over and over again, but I am a ridiculously large consumer of crappy chick lit so it’s definitely cut down on the amount of books we have to store that I will only ever read once.

Lush Herbalism Cleanser

This is another Lush product that my darling husband has co-opted and now uses just as much as me. It’s got a great scent (not unlike a Sunday roast) and almonds to gently exfoliate. I use it nightly and follow up with a spritz of tea tree water and it leaves my skin feeling beautiful and clean.

Powerpod AllNighter

I love love love love this! It’s totally saved me on a few occasions when I was out and about for site visits and had no powerpoint or laptop to charge my phone in.  The AllNighter size will power one device fully but there are larger and smaller sizes available.

What are your top 5 things you can’t live without?


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  1. This made me laugh so much because I swear I could have written the bit about the Kindle, I was snobbish about the superiority of books too but now I couldn’t be without my kindle!!! I too still have paperbacks of my faves but while we’re still in a pokey one bedroomed flat with a toddler who loves books as much as me I’ve sacrificed my bookcase for hers!!

    1. I think the excess baggage charge for books coming home may have had something to do with it for me too 😛

  2. I couldn’t live without my portable charger either! It’s definitely saved me a time or seven! ☺ And, don’t even get me started on LUSH…YUM – all the things!

  3. One of mine would have to be my GHD straightners! I have such mad, uncontrollable hair so even when I tie it up I need my straightners to get my fringe under control.

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