Merry Blogmas: My New Years Resolutions

New years Resolutions!   They are something that has always been near and dear to me, given that at their heart they are a list. I love lists. I love making them, writing them down and that feeling you get when you cross something off. Sometimes I write things down I’ve already done just to get that sweet sweet rush. My mantra for 2016 will be balance. This year it’s been difficult to balance work, motherhood, family and self. Next year I am hoping to do a better job.

Write at least one blog post a week

Blogmas has been fun but I am going back to one blog post a week next year. I’m also going to keep working on my iPhone photography to try and improve the look of my site. Look for me every Friday in 2016!

Complete the PopSugar Reading Challenge

You can see the details here – basically its a challenge to read 40 books next year that fit into specific categories. I’m hoping this will help me focus my reading and stop me reading the same books over and over again because I’m too lazy to start a new one. I’ll pop a post up in a few days with my list so far to see if I can get a hand with completing some of the tricky spots.

Begin a weekly yoga practice

I used to love going to yoga classes pre-Henry. I took him to some baby and me ones while I was off work, but it’s definitely something I’ve let slide since he was born. I’m aiming to go to one yoga class per week next year, as well as incorporating some light poses into my daily routine.

Me Time

At the moment, I try to put aside one hour every Sunday afternoon to have a bath, read a book and just generally de-stress before I start work again while M watches the baby.  I think this is something that I should really continue doing, as it’s helped me a lot with my stress levels. Obviously there are weeks where it just can’t be managed and that’s okay too.


What are your New Years Resolutions?


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  1. Love your resolutions/goals for the year. Especially the me time as I think this is so important.. Good luck with the reading challenge, I attempted one a few years ago and failed miserably! Lol…

    1. I feel that since I’ve started taking that time it makes me a better wife and mum – just not so constantly crazy all the time.

  2. Good luck with all your resolutions for the year. The reading one sounds like one I should undertake as I’m the same as you, I always go back to the books that I know and love. I look forward to following your progress throughout the year. Thanks so much for linking up – I hope you can continue to link up as the year goes on!

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