Merry Blogmas: Holiday Traditions

Today’s topic was holiday traditions.  I don’t really have a lot of them, especially since my own little family is so new.  I thought I’d share what we do each Christmas to mark the holiday instead.

Secret Santa
 traditions secret santa
I strongly suspect that this broke the $20 cap

I always participate in this at my various works every year.  I usually get the typical IT type presents, mugs that say ‘I will not fix your computer’, NERF guns, desk toys, but every now and again I get a surprise. A few years ago a lovely guy working on the help desk named Andy wrote me a poem. He writes novels under the name A C Warrilow – super talented dude. I was so touched, I’ve kept it in a box at home, and I re-read it when I need a lift. This year I got the above gift from a sweet lady I just started working with (click on the image to see the lovely note a bit closer). I promptly teared up at how thoughtful it was and made the rest of the guys laugh at me. I regret nothing.

Christmas Eve
ari traditions christmas
yup. this happened last christmas.

Our little puss cat got sick and had to go to the vet while we had a newborn in the house. We called it a wash and decided this year to start our new Christmas Eve traditions as a family. We are planning a large Christmas dinner (this year is a ham and turducken), get Henry in his PJs then go for a walk to see Christmas lights. After our walk we will go to the Childrens Mass at our local church.

Christmas Day
 traditions photo christmas day
Christmas Day portrait of my family way back when

Travelling. Lots of driving with me as the designated driver as since I had a baby, a tiny sip of booze knocks me for six.  We go to my parents in the morning and then to my in-laws in the afternoon. My parents have a fairly typical laid back Queensland Christmas with cold meats and things like that.  We always try and get a Christmas portrait of the whole family at my parents which we get with varying degrees of success. This is the most recent one I could find, which is at least 5 years old.   My in-laws have a full traditional roast lunch with turkey and pudding and the whole nine yards.  It’s great because we can eat all the hot food then jump in the pool to cool off.

Christmas in January
henry january Santa traditions
Henry’s first meeting with January Santa

Christmas in January? It’s all over by then! Stay with me, I know this sounds weird. Every year my mum’s extended family comes together for our annual Christmas party. It’s a Queensland Christmas with prawns and ham and  of course, pavlova and cheesecake..  There’s quite a lot of us now when you factor in everyone’s kids so it’s hard to catch up over the Christmas/New Year period. The parents (proper parents not us second generation people) do a Kris Kringle where they buy for all the kids in one family and then Santa gives out the pressies on the night. Santa’s a little more casual than he is in December – he wears shorts and 3/4 sleeves.  He needs to be as it’s super hot every year because Queensland, but its something I definitely look forward to.

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  1. It is so weird to me that it is so hot on Christmas where you are. I don’t know if I will cope when I go to Melbourne in January with the complete change from winter to summer. The Secret Santa gift is so nice 🙂

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