Merry Blogmas: A Festive Film Festival 

I love watching a good Christmas film during the holidays, so I decided to do up a list of my favourites. I’m a bit of a movie nut so this is one of my favourite parts of the festive season.


film elf

I find Will Ferrell to be a little hit and miss but when he’s good he is hilarious and this is definitely him at his gleeful best. Such a happy movie for kids but with that little dash of adult cynicism to keep everyone entertained.

Santa Claus: The Movie

film santa claus the movie

This movie was constantly on Aussie TV at Christmas when I was growing up. I swear one day it was on every channel at the same time. Curiously, it also never seemed to be in the program guide so while my brother and I adored it, it wasn’t until the Age of Internet that we actually discovered what it was called. It features Dudley Moore as a disgruntled elf and magical candy canes that make you fly as well as  some truly dodgy animatronics.  Do I need to say more?

Love Actually

film love actually

I feel like I should loathe this movie as it kicked off the trend of large ensemble casts celebrating holidays in movies but I love that it celebrated different kinds of love than romantic – like Liam Neeson and his stepson or Laura Linney with her brother. sniff excuse me for a minute.

Eight Crazy Nights

film eight crazy nights

I love the various iterations of Adam Sandler’s Hannukah song and this is really an extension of that. It’s animated in the style of the old Christmas specials but is definitely just for the grown ups and hilarious.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

film christmas vacation

Another one I remember watching with my family growing up. The scene with the cat is a particular guilty pleasure – I know I shouldn’t laugh but yeah it’s hilarious.  Chevy Chase at his best – before he got all weird and racist, or at least before the internet meant we all found out about it.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

film nightmare before christmas

I love love Tim Burton so this has been my favourite musical for years. The songs are gorgeous and catchy and it’s just little bit dark for a Christmas movie.

So those are my favorites – what’s your favourite holiday film?

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