May Love List: 7 Things I Loved This Month

May May May. You brought me a long weekend and for that I thank you. You also brought me a sold house, and Mothers Day. May, you were awesome. Take a break til next year, you’ve earned it.

Captain America: Civil War

Yup technically this was April, but counting it for March. Loved loved loved this movie! See my review here.

Joey Swing

We found this amazing swing out at Queen’s Park in Ipswich. It has a smaller toddler swing attached to and facing a larger adult swing so as you swing on yours, you also swing your child.  I could have spent hours on this! Definitely hope more get rolled out around the place.

Mothers Day

My first Mothers Day Bear was super little and didn’t really know what was going on. It was nice sure, but it felt much sweeter this year to get a beautiful handmade gift from him that he helped me open as well as lots of kisses.

Eat Street Markets

This was my mothers day present to myself and my mum. We all went to Eat Street Markets for their Mothers Day special to celebrate them opening for summer hours during the day – huzzah!  We ate, we drank, we made extremely merry. Love you mum!


We sold our house!!! Moved in to our new place two days ago and still love love love it. So much unpacking to do, but everything seems so much easier. I love not having to yank groceries up stairs!

Queensland Museum

The first time we took Bear to the museum it was all about the tree with light up buttons, this time  he was obsessed with the turtles. He stood in front and kept saying ‘Wooooow’. Is there anything sweeter than an amazed child?

Birds and Bees Cafe

Oooh I love this cafe! Great food, beautiful coffee and a fantastic gated play area. Also nobody looks at you funny when your child makes the slightest noise. This is my new happy place.


What have you been loving this month? Share in the comments join the link up over at VegeTARAian!

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  1. What a busy and fabulous month you’ve had! And congratulations on the sale! I hope you’re having a wonderful time in your new home.

    Thanks a bunch for joining the My Monthly Loves link up. I hope to see you there again next month 😉

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