You Know It Makes Me Freak Out…

Slight paraphrase of the great Dave Grohl for the title, but this week’s confession is all about what makes you freak out. Everyone’s scared of something. It could be something intangible like death, something wierd like chocolate or a pretty common like spiders. I’m not going to lie, some of my fears are normal and some are mighty irrational. I warn you, this post is probably going to make me seem like a really anxious person – I’m not. Fear for me is mostly a motivator – I try and use it to push me forward and get past them but there are some that I’ve just never been able to shake.

The Gateway Bridge

freak gateway

This bridge really freaks me out. You can’t see it as well in the photo, but when you approach it, it looks like it goes into the sky and doesn’t come back down. Like all the cars go up the tippy top and then just fall into the river. Gives me a major wiggins. I would rather drive a half hour out of my way than go over it. If I am the passenger I just absorb myself in a book and try to pretend it’s not happening.

Public Speaking

freak public speaking

A couple of jobs ago, I had to deliver a short welcome speech to new employees about the IT Department. There was only ever a maximum of about 5 or so people in the room and I would still freak out and throw up before every speech. While I’ve gotten past this to some degree, I do have quite a lot of nightmares about speaking in public and being so boring that I’m stomped to death by a stampede of people who want me to shut up.


freak eyeball

I don’t watch a lot of horror movies, because so many of them rely on eyes or eyeballs getting hurt. Even a close up of an eyeball makes me want to gag, let alone watching something happen to it. This one stems back to dissecting bull’s eyes in biology class. We had to cut them open, put the bits on slides and label them. My classmates started gleefully cutting while I ran outside, gagging and crying. My kind biology teacher offered me a different assignment collecting plants and drawing what they looked like under the microscope. She also let me spend the cane toad dissection lesson in the library computer lab. Ms Dixon, you’re the best teacher I ever had.

The Shower

freak shower

Last but certainly not least – ever since I was a child, I’ve been scared of enclosed spaces and none of them are more scary to me than the shower. I’ve had an insane recurring nightmare of being slowly drowned in a shower ever since I was small, and after watching The Cell in my twenties, well it seemed a lot more plausible.  I can barely put my head under to rinse my hair without giving myself a pep talk. and I once had a business trip to a room that had a sealed off to the roof shower with no bath. No word of a lie, I was so freaked out I showered at the office.  It still scares me day to day, and I just have to sort of force myself through it.

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  1. My biggest fears are snakes and spiders! I have been know to walk back the way I came when bushwalking even if I’m 7/8s of the way around a circular bushwalk rather than walk past a snake! It never crosses my mind that the snake might be more scared of me than I am of it.

  2. For someone who hates hills, I’ve actually always dealt fairly well with the Gateway bridge. Which totally goes to prove that my fears are very irrational.

  3. I watched the Cell when I was heavily pregnant – like the day before I had the baby. Weirdly I remember nothing about it except there were teenage boys yelling things out and walking in and out to buy popcorn…so I guess it didn’t freak me out. Ha! (I’m also possibly a thousand years older than you! That freaks me out!)

    1. I can’t remember the name of the killer, I’m pretty sure Jennifer Lopez was in it maybe. But I remember that scene where the girl is drowning in the cube and scratching her way out with a diamond ring. *shudders*

  4. Public speaking definitely freaks me out. In fact, any speaking, especially small talk. My worst phobia is a fear of being dizzy. I just hate the sensation.

  5. Well, aren’t we all that extra bit interesting thanks toKirsty’s prompt! I am no averse to any of yours…but I have my list. Your shower one is one heck of a challenge…

    1. Luckily my toddler helps me with that one. Having a little person banging on the door and crying MUMMY MUMMY helps distract me. Such a helpful little boy 😉

  6. I used to be scared of the Stockton Bridge here in Newcastle which is also a tall bridge but I suspect not as big as the Gateway Bridge. I haven’t had the pleasure of traveling over that one but I think I would be a bit worried about it too!

  7. Not sure I have any irrational fears. Well not like hubby who has a spider phobia. Actually thinking about it… I know have a fear of being in the car (or anywhere else) with hubby when there is a spider in the vicinity, as I’ve experienced a few near death experiences over the years.

  8. I’m with you on the eyes! I can’t stand to see people touch their eyes or to watch bad things happen to them in movies. When my Mom described her eye surgery to me I got nauseous. Just thinking about it make me shiver!

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