If Only My Husband Would……

This week’s prompt is dangerous ground. I know for a fact my husband does read this blog on occasion but hopefully we won’t cause any arguments today.  My complaint sounds desperately millennial and is so small, I’m almost embarrassed to put it out there. But put it out there I will.

My husband isn’t the guy that shows his love in public. He doesn’t send flowers to my work that everyone can see. He doesn’t do those gushy posts you see couples post on social media that slightly irritate your friends. He’s a quiet person who doesn’t really see the point in announcing to others that I’m the light of his fridge and keep his the feet of his soul warm in the winter. Sometimes it makes me a bit jealous or sad. Does he not feel that way?

Maybe instead I should flip this around and figure out why I feel this way. Why do I feel the need to compare my relationship with someone else’s?  Everyone shows love in different ways and M might not be be big on public displays of affection but he does do things instead. They aren’t conventionally romantic, but I should start appreciating them as the gestures of love that they are.

Maybe it’s romantic to listen to someone and buy them the iPhone tripod and shutter they were saving for instead of sending flowers to their work on Valentines Day.

Maybe it’s romantic to do laundry so certain wives aren’t freaking out about their lack of work shirts in the morning instead of sharing a photo on Facebook because your wife is a hottie.

Maybe it’s romantic to spend hours poring over selection criteria with me when I’m trying to find work instead of posting a pithy quote on Instagram about our happy marriage.

Maybe it’s romantic to wake up at 5AM on a Sunday and watch the new Doctor Who even though he only really likes Matt Smith.   To always buy the right kind of ice blocks (Pine Lime Splice) when I have a sore throat.  To be supportive, incredibly cool, make me laugh and get my Firefly references.

To be my lobster.


Is there something you wish your partner would do? Share in the comments or join the link up over at My Home Truths!

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  1. Oh, I love this! My husband is my lobster too. Sure there are little things that we could all change but it’s the thoughtful things (like putting faith in me and supporting my business and knowing what I need before I even know!) that really makes the difference. Your man sounds like a keeper too!

  2. Sometimes I get frustrated at the lack of gestures or gifts or dates or other such romantic notions but then I need to remember, this is the man who will service my car so I don’t have to get it done, the man who will do the dishes because I have to head to work, who will cook dinner on occasion for us, who will take me camping and who most of all puts up with my photo taking ways when we are away together. He just shows his love in different ways … what are flowers compared to a car that runs well, hey.

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