I Must Confess.. The First Time I Got Drunk

I haven’t thought about the first time I got drunk in ages! Pretty much since my ten year high school reunion when someone brought it up because they were still a little annoyed at me. Grudge much?!!!

I was 15 and attending a friend’s murder mystery sleepover. My poison of choice? Every Aussie teenage girl’s bestie – West Coast Coolers. I got smashed by skolling a six pack very quickly (such a lady) – and they hit me hard.  It turns out that I’m not a dance on the tables fun drunk. If I’m tipsy, yeah sure I’m pretty fun but if I go even one drink past that I become a bit melancholy. I’m the drunk that sits looking up at the sky moodily contemplating her existence and ends up sobbing in the toilets.

drunk feelings

My group of friends all worked at a discount warehouse place that also employed a lot of first year uni students, including one particularly dreamy gentleman whose name escapes me but we will call Dec. Everyone was a little bit in love with Dec.  As he was friends with the long suffering older brother chaperoning the party, he was dragged out to be admired. Wanting a break from the drunken teenage giggling inside, he went to have a smoke and found me sitting on a trampoline sadly chatting to the moon.

drunk drama

Long story short, drunk Tory disobeyed the rules of the sisterhood and had a drunken kiss with the boy her friends had earmarked for themselves. I’m not sure how they were planning to divide him up among 4 teenagers – some sort of time share system perhaps? Or maybe a raffle?

drunk kiss

I wish I could say that was my last drunken pash with an inappropriate boy. But it wasn’t. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.  What happened the first time you got drunk? Share in the comments or join the link up over at My Home Truths!

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  1. I recently started drinking again (occasionally) after a huge 15 year gap. My pancreas doesn’t really like alcohol. I’ll be giving it up again soon. I honestly can’t remember the first time I was drunk. Hubby claims I’m socially excitable when I’ve had a few too many. These days it doesn’t take as many as it use to or should.

    1. I know what you mean. I stopped drinking for quite some time and then had one the other night. Hit me like a Mack truck and all I wanted to do was sleep!

  2. Hey, HE kissed you too so it’s totally not your responsibility/fault. You were just the lucky recipient of his attentions! Oh and ugh I remember West Coast Coolers. Never could see why they were so popular, I never liked them. It’s probably lucky Cruisers weren’t around in my youth coz I would have TOTALLY loved them!!!

  3. I’ve never been drunk.I pass out from one glass of wine so I know I can’t handle liquor. So I feel like I’ve missed out on some teenage rite of passage here. lol

    1. As you can imagine with teenage girls I was excluded for a few days until someone else did something equally horrible. Didn’t bother me really, went to the library and caught up on my reading 😉

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