Five Fierce Fictional Female Characters I Love

Before we get into it, I just want to say I love this prompt so much. Thanks so much Kirsty! I had so much fun revisiting some old buddies.

My whole life books have been my everything. As a child, the characters in books were my friends, they took me on adventures and taught me things I needed to know. As an adult, I read the way most people breathe oxygen, constantly and without realising I’m doing it most of the time.   When I was a kid, my mum used to take my brother and I to the LifeLine Book Fest every year. She’d give us a box each and tell us to fill it up with whatever we wanted. Forget Christmas or my birthday, Lifeline Book Fest was my favourite day of the year.


Lucy Pevensie

Chronicles of Narnia

character lucy pevensie

Lucy Pevensie was my hero growing up. She’s whip-smart, compassionate, kind, brave and is all round one of the best written female characters I think I’ve ever seen.

Anne Shirley

Anne of Green Gables

characters anne shirley

Growing up, there were very few role models with red hair. I pretty much had Anne Shirley or Ginger Meggs. For that reason I adored Anne, mostly because she hated her hair too and through her I came to terms with mine.


Nymphadora Tonks

Harry Potter series

characters tonks

Harry Potter came out just before I left high school and I devoured it in the school library. While I love Hermoine, my favourite character was always Tonks. She was amazingly comfortable in her own skin which to teenage me was a true magical power.  She was the cool big sister I never had.



Tiffany Aching

Discworld Series

characters tiffany aching

I’ll be talking more about my particular love of the Discworld books on Wednesday when I review the final one in the series, but for now let me just say Tiffany was the hero I needed in my twenties. She’s incredibly intelligent and capable and spends her life caring for others.


Ready Player One

characters art3mis

I only very recently stumbled across this novel and Art3mis is definitely the character that I relate to most in my thirties. She’s a female gamer acting as a gunter, which appears to be a male dominated area and she’s geeky, smart and strong. And she’s a blogger!


Which fictional characters would you choose to befriend? Share in the comments or join the link up over at My Home Truths!


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    1. That’s what I loved about her! She was always just that little bit different and just did not care what anyone thought. I love that that came across in the movie as well. The sort of person who spends an entire meal entertaining other people’s children and making them laugh during a hard time.

  1. Huge reader here, just like you! I used to work in a library and said to a customer once that I loved it when books I’d been waiting to read were ready for me to take home – it felt like Christmas. They looked at me weird and said “you must have really sad Christmases”! What the!!!

    1. SHE must have had sad Christmases with no books! 😉 What’s that quote – the man who doesn’t read lives only once, a reader lives a thousand times before he dies.

  2. I completely forgot about The Chronicles of Narnia! I have been watching the movies with Mr 6 and I get so frustrated with how rigid Peter and Susan are compared to Lucy. Sometimes it almost felt like they didn’t belong in a story like Narnia!

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