A Guide To Brisbane’s Best Gluten Free Comfort Foods

Since going gluten free I had to give up a lot of stuff. The dream of a gluten free bread that can be eaten untoasted, for instance. I’m lucky that I was diagnosed in 2017 instead 5 years ago though because there is a whole damn world out there of tasty GF treats just waiting for me. While most of the time I like to try and stick to the unprocessed side of the spectrum, there’s a time and a place for junk food, particularly when you CBF making dinner. Luckily I have found some amazing options right here in my home town! To help you in your quest, here are Brisbane’s best gluten free food indulgences for my fellow GF peeps. My gluten eating husband can attest that they are so good you won’t even notice the difference!


Ice Cream Sandwiches from Mister Fitz’s

Brisbane's best gluten free comfort foods

Address: Grey Street (Opposite Cowch), South Bank

I don’t know what wizardry this is but Mr Fitz definitely belongs at Hogwarts. The gluten free coconut cookies are divine on their own but add some pink salted caramel ice cream and mini Freddos and it just moves out of this world.


Apple Slice from All Things Sweet

Address: 66 Francis Road Lawnton

This Bakery is complete amaze balls. I’ve never had anything less than delicious here and if you preorder they can pretty much make any gluten free item you could possibly want. Or just rock up and it’s your chances because honestly it’s all good.


Fried Chicken from Gluten Off

Brisbane's best gluten free comfort foods

Address: Eat Street Markets Northshore in the Revolver container

One of my biggest regrets was giving up KFC. I only had it occasionally but it sucked knowing I’d never have it again  then I discovered Revolver. Between the chicken and the deep fried veggies, you will forget all about the Colonel.


Fish and Chips from Sandgate Fishmongers

Address: 90 Flinders Parade, Sandgate

Fish and chips always remind me of my childhood with an ABP mum so I crave them when life gets rough. I don’t know how they do it but this place makes a gluten free battered fish fillet that may make you cry. They even use a separate fryer so there are absolutely no traces of gluten in your food.


Chocolate Doughnuts from NoDo

Brisbane's best gluten free comfort foods

Address: 1 Ella Street, Newstead

Ah Maze ING. One word just will not do.


Tacos from Juan More Taco

Address: Various places around Brisbane. Hit the website to see where they are.

When I first went GF I assumed all tacos were created equal. After a few painful mistakes, I found Juan More Taco and I never looked back. I am a serious groupie of these guys and have been known to drive 20 minutes out of my way for a hit of their Salsa Verde.


If you’ve got a favourite gluten free place near you (anywhere in Australia),  let me know in the comments!

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  1. They are making so much progress with GF foods now arent they? My 20 yo GD has Crohns disease and is eating GF and yesterday I made sure the pasta bake was made with GF pasta. However, it still must be hard. I didn’t know you were following this GF food plan now. Kirsty at My Home Truths does too and has for quite a while. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 20/52. Next week “How I learn best.”

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