The One Where I Lost My Blogging Mojo

I had a very different post planned this week, but I just couldn’t get inspired about anything. Every blogger has those weeks where the block is intense, and you lose your blogging mojo. I’ve started blogging before and I always give up when I get blocked.

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It happened again. All of a sudden I couldn’t write a thing. My carefully planned posts and topics failed to inspire, and I couldn’t even write anything for this weeks confession topic, so instead I’m writing about not being able to write. Life doesn’t get much more meta than that.

So How Do I Get My Blogging Mojo Back?

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Well I wish I could wave a magic wand and be able to feel like writing again but sadly it is just not that easy. Often there’s a reason for the block, for me this week it’s been pure exhaustion  and more than a little self doubt. We’re here for a happy ending though – I did end up writing something so let’s talk about what I did to break the block.

Read All The Things

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Reading the work of someone I admire always leaves me feeling creative and inspired. My current favourite is The View From The Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman but I also love On Writing by Stephen King.  There’s some great tips in there for dealing with a block.

Walk It Off

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Staring at a blinking cursor or a blank page  for hours always makes my block worse, so I turn away and look at something else instead.  Going outside can help you see the world a little differently and push through those mental blocks. I’ve got a little spot of zen in the city where I love to walk and look at the river. It never fails to make me feel connected and always helps me find my voice.

Clean It Up

blogging mojo bojack horseman okay todd you can do this

Take a look at your work space – a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind where you can’t get anything straight enough to write. Chuck some stuff, fill some boxes for charity, put things away where they belong and my thoughts usually start to flow better. Or I start writing a piece on decluttering. Win Win!

Do you have a sure fire way to beat writers block? Help me out in the comments!

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  1. I am not sure that I have ever really had a consistent blogging mojo but I try to blog a few times a week. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t the blogging that is. I get quite worked up when I don’t meet my own invisible timelines but that actually only adds to my inability to write and waste a lot of time instead of writing! Great tips xo

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