The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Received

After last week’s rant about nasty comments, let’s move on to  something more positive. They say it takes a village to raise a child.  Our village consists of my mummy group, our amazing pediatrician and lovely GP as well as our other friends and family.  Whenever I need help I can rely on someone to know the answer.   Between all of them I have gotten some amazing parenting advice, that has stuck with me and I’d like to pass on to any other new parents out there who are stuck in the wilderness.

A sleep problem is only a problem if it is a problem for you

Said By: Out Family GP

Bear gets cuddled every night then put down asleep, even now as a toddler.  Unless he has a nightmare or is sick/teething, he has always slept through the night in his own bed with the exception of some early morning snuggles. The cuddling to sleep arrangement works for our family and we like it. I felt terribly guilty that I didn’t put him down awake, that I was robbing him of the ability to put himself to sleep with my selfish cuddles.

No-one ever looks back on their deathbed and says I wish I’d held my babies less.

Said by: Our pediatrician

During the time of pre-Prilosec Bear, he was very rarely put down because he would cry and cry in pain. We embraced baby-wearing and at night slept in shifts. We were so worried that we’d created a baby who would just cry to be picked up even though there was nothing wrong.  Hearing this helped us more than he will ever know.

Other people might be great parents, but they aren’t Bear’s parents.

Said by: My lovely husband about other people giving us advice

He’s right, sometimes you hear advice and think yeah that’s not for me. Like crying it out. Bear’s reflux has ingrained into us that crying will cause him more pain. We got told repeatedly by people during the newborn phase to just let him cry. I couldn’t do it but as it turns out that wouldn’t have worked for Bear anyway.  Just because the people giving the advice are fantastic parents doesn’t mean it will work for your little one. Even a first time parent is an expert in their own child and you should always trust your instincts.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Share in the comments or link up with I Must Confess over at My Home Truths!

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    1. They are truly wonderful people and work so well together which can be rare with doctors. It’s been so much easier with the two of them working together for Henry.

  1. well said! I still rock my son to sleep and I still carry his 30 lb butt around even though it kills my arms. Heck sometimes I lay down with my 6 yr old so she can sleep. I will with smother my children with love! Even when they are teens and my hugs embarrass them 😀
    Great post!

  2. Best advise I’ve received is to not compare your child to someone else’s child. Each child is unique and develops at their own pace

  3. These are great pieces of advice. To put another spin on the sleep one, a lot of the time well meaning people said to me ‘he’ll just grow out of it’ when Dyllan was (ha! that would imply it’s a thing of the past) having major sleep issues. One of my aunties was the worst for giving well meaning, pointless advice. His sleep was causing us stress, so we did something about it and now at least he sleeps for longer than 3-4 hours a night!

    1. Exactly. it’s a problem for you so its a problem. I hate that ‘it’s a phase’ thing! Sometimes you have to take action.

  4. Great advice. We used to keep our babies/toddlers up til 9pm so the hubster could see them when he got home from work – it worked for us. And as a bonus, they slept through the night AND had an afternoon nap right up til they went to school!

    1. We are extremely lucky to have the support we have. It’s made some difficult circumstances so much easier.

  5. It’s funny how much advice you’ll get from people who won’t have to deal with the aftermath of their advice. And people that have no real idea of what is happening in your home. You really are best to ignore most of them!

    1. I personally feel free to ignore anyone who starts a sentence with ‘all babies…..’ as well as anyone who won’t come to your house at 3AM and deal with the consequences of their advice!

  6. I love the book – How to Really Love Your Child – great practical advice on the importance of eye contact, focused attention and dealing with emotions. I’m parenting teens now and looking back and don’t regret one minute I spent reading to them, singing to them. and just talking to them. I now have teens who talk my ears off and even though it can be exhausting at 10:30 at night I can’t imagine doing it any other way! Visiting from turn it up tuesday 🙂

    1. I’ve not heard of that book but will definitely look it up.
      I really hope that my little boy wants to talk my ear off when he’s a teenager too.
      Thanks for visiting!

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