Why All I Want For Mother’s Day Is Pancakes

Sounds a bit wierd doesn’t it? I mean there’s a lot of other things I want for Mother’s Day. So why pancakes? Actually it’s probably not that wierd if you know me – I did once write an entire post around why lasagna means love.

When we moved to our new house we started a weekly tradition of Sunday morning pancakes. Not unusual really, most families I know do it but it is my absolute favourite part of the week. It’s also an absolutely sacred part of our routine. We make plans around it like it’s an urgent appointment because it kind of is. It’s our time. Just our little family.

I love watching my husband cook and teach my son how to make them perfectly.

I find whipping the cream cathartic and always laugh my head off watching Bear contort his face to lick the beaters.

I love sitting at the dining room table that we never normally use and watching the lorikeets (or rainbows as Bear calls them) flit and frolic through the window.

But my favorite part of is the eating. Because for that one morning, we eat together as a family. Unfortunately with two full time working parents, family meals are a luxury that we just don’t get during the week so Pancake Day is special. I love that we all sit and talk about everything going on in our lives. Good and bad.

So that’s what I want for Mother’s Day. To sit and eat and chat and watch rainbows fly. To feel that peace in my soul and know that I am loved.

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