My Recent AHA Moment

I’m running a bit behind this week because I struggled with this prompt. Oh how I wrestled with it. Anyway, on with the show.

Recently someone said to me that if I was going to continue being a working mum I would have to focus 100% on the office, because otherwise my split focus would cause problems.

My AHA moment was realising how much I’ve changed since I’ve been a mum.

I used to be the person who thrust her hand up in the air for the kind of projects that had me working til 11pm and back in the office by 6AM.

Now I’m the person taking ridiculous amounts of sick leave because we can’t send Bear to daycare with a fever and having to come in a half hour late every morning so I can do the daycare run. I also read e-mails at home a lot more than I used to as well as proof read documentation on the train just to maximize my time.

At times being a mum makes me a bit of a bad team member/employee. As much as I try to keep up, I’m a bit unreliable at the moment. I don’t love that about myself, but I know it’s temporary.  Sadly, other members of my team just see it as laziness.

My AHA moment was realising that as long as Bear is taken care of and I meet my KPIs I don’t give a right royal damn what people think. I no longer live to work, I work to live. And that’s an AHA moment that everyone needs to have.


To take us out, here is my favourite A-HA song……

What was your most recent AHA moment? Share in the comments or link up over at My Home Truths!

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  1. I was made redundant while on maternity leave with my first. The company was sold and there was no job to go back to. In those days (18 years ago) there weren’t many family friendly employers, so I opted to work from home around the family. Best decision (even if it was forced on me) that I ever made.

    1. We have so many choices nowadays, we are very lucky. I’m still looking around for a role that will allow me a little more balance. Thanks for reading!

  2. Unfortunately I could really relate to this Tory. I remember how hard it was when I was working, trying to be everything to everyone. I’m pleased that you’ve come to the realisation that you are enough. But it can be a really tough situation to be a working mum x

  3. Absolutely relate. Few people are lucky to file fulfillment in what pays them. I used to think that working harder meant being happy. Now I work part time and at my blog and on creative pursuits the other part of the week. Never had less money, nor been happier. I think as women we need to realise having it all can do your head in!

  4. It wasn’t feasible for me to go back to work after having our second child, I would have only made $100 a week after all of the daycare fees were paid so it just wasn’t worth it. My AHA moment then came towards the end of 2014 when I realised that the best thing I could do, in terms of pursuing my passion and also being able to make some money and spend time with the girls and not spend all my earnings on childcare was to go to Tafe, get my photography qualifications and work part-time freelance as a photographer and it’s hands down one of the top 3 best decisions of my life (the first two being marrying Dave and deciding to have our babies!).

    I remember the feeling after going back to work in the office after having number 1, I was the same, the the job that I had dedicated so much time and energy to pre-kids was really put in perspective and it was no longer something that was the be all and end all, I had my kids for that! I must admit though, I do miss the chance to be out of the house and relinquish responsibility for a set period of time each week and having adult conversations. I think it’s why I loved Tafe so much last year, spending 3 whole days in the company of adults who shared my passion.

    1. I think if I have a second before Bear goes to school, I definitely won’t work any more. With daycare charges what they are, it just wouldn’t be feasible.

      I do love my job too. I love the feeling that someone comes up to me narky and then I fix the problem and make them happy. Post baby though sometimes I think ‘Really? You’re THIS upset over something so small?’ It really shifted my perspective.

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