Dear Bear: A Letter To My Two Year Old.

Hey Bear,

Yesterday was  your birthday and you are now a two year old.  A year ago you were cruising around, yet to let go of the furniture and walk solo. You were a bit timid about crawling and walking, but you’ve gotten over that and run headlong at whatever life throws your way. You have definite opinions about everything in life that you tell us at great length. I can’t understand you verbally most of the time, but you always find a way to make yourself understood.

It seems incredible to me that just three years ago you were not a thing. You didn’t exist. It’s so hard to remember what I did with myself before you were here because you fill my life in places where I didn’t know there was room. I can’t imagine a time before early morning cuddles or tickle ducks or that hearing someone call me mummy would bring me so much joy even when it’s for the two hundredth time today.

You see I might complain and joke but I never dared let myself dream that I could be called mummy. We were told not to hope. And then you came. You are the joy of my life and my favourite person in the world.

You have so many cute, quirky things about you as a two year old, like every morning that you go to daycare, you have to get an apple from the crisper and take it with you. Before the comfort apple became a thing, you used to sob when Mummy left you. Now I’m lucky to get a wave goodbye. There are so many things that I want to remember forever, so here are my favourites.

Bear’s Favourite Things

Favourite Word: Truck – except you replace the TR with an F and yell it excitedly at the top of your lungs… that’s fun. I alternate between stifling giggles and being super embarrassed depending on where you do it.

Favourite Food: BBQ sauce. On everything. Even cake and muffins.

Favourite Toy: a set of Russian dolls that are all named Bubby. Today you asked me to put Bubby in Bubby and put them both next to Bubby. You couldn’t understand why I fell over laughing.

Favourite Animal: Sharks. Which is what you call any creature that is underwater at the time you saw it. A trip to Underwater World on the weekend yielded the word SHAAAARK being said more times than in Jaws.

Favourite Game: Spider monkey-ing into the drivers chair as soon as Mummy undoes the car seat. And then going to the front passenger seat just when she gets to the door. And so on and so forth, giggling hysterically  until she finally reaches you.


Does your child have some quirky things about them that you want to remember forever too?

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  1. This post is absolutely adorable! And I’m sure your little one will love reading it when she’s older. I don’t have any children of my own so I can’t really contribute but I just wanted to say that this is such a touching and well written post. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. I was teary reading it. Your son and my nephew’s son are twins!! He turned 2 yesterday as well. Thank you so much for joining my link up today xx

  3. I really enjoy this. It is so authentic and real. Who could really see themselves being a mother? I know I surely could not see myself where I am today. This is so special and inspiring. I do not know all the feeling I will feel once my two month old is two and can walk, run, and actually call me mom. I think I will shed a few tears. Happy birthday to your little one.

  4. Oh how lovely! My youngest is four now and it doesn’t seem that long ago that he was at this exact same stage and doing those exact same things. Bittersweet to think how fast they grow up – it’s a bit scary. Lovely post x

  5. What a beautiful post my love . Keep this for when he is older . He will love it. Maybe put it in with his present on his 21st . Love you Mum xxxxxxx

  6. I love reading posts like this. I was smiling the whole way through. There are so many quirky things my kids do but the funniest for me at the moment is about my youngest. She is yet to stand up and start walking on her feet BUT she scoots around quite quickly on her knees! So funny to watch.

  7. Just beautiful reading the connection and love between a mother and child. It is such a special love and is amazing to document how they change over the course of one year. Such beautiful words for them to have when they are older. 🙂

  8. I just love this – I’ve been writing letters to my kids for – oh, it’s ten years now! I write all the same things you did – I hope that one day they will look back at them and see just how they were at each age, on their birthday night – this is such a beautiful letter to your little one 🙂

  9. So beautiful! I used to write letter and stopped for some reason – You’ve prompted me to start again (and yes, we’ve got to hold onto these memories, they are so precious, aren’t they?)

  10. “It’s so hard to remember what I did with myself before you were here because you fill my life in places where I didn’t know there was room.” – just beautiful and I completely relate! ❤ Also, my son did the “truck” thing too… lol. Good times! Such a beautiful post and a great way to remember your little one at this age.

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