5 Reasons I’m A Winter Person

I must confess that I love winter. I live in Queensland so our summers are hot and humid and pretty icky when you don’t have air con running round the clock. You can always get warmer but god it’s hard to get cooler when its hot. I’d love to have a Northern Hemisphere style white Christmas winter with snowmen and ice skating.  One day I will get there, but until then, here are my favorite things about an Australian winter.

1) Game of Thrones

winter got

For Australians Game of Thrones happens in April/May. So we get to get all snoodled and watch GoT. I mean we have to either pirate or pay Murdoch for the privilege but we get to be warm and snuggly while we do it.

2) Slow Cooking

winter slow cooker

I have a combo slow cooker/pressure cooker thing and while I’m yet to figure out the pressure cooker, I love banging a bunch of stuff in in the morning and then at 6pm opening the lid to something delicious for dinner. Personally I think the ability to make dinner with as little effort as possible should be given some kind of Adulting award.  I believe I shall invent such a thing.

3) Layering

winter layering

Layering’s pretty key to survive the three weeks of QLD winters where you can’t wear shorts, because it gets warm again at about 9am only to get icy cold right before you leave work.  Seriously, we only have a proper legit winter where you can’t wear shorts for about three weeks a year and everyone dresses like they are on Hoth.  I actually saw a girl wearing a fur lined hood to work the other day.

4) Hot Drinks

winter tea

There is something heavenly about being snuggled under a blankie in the cold sipping on tea or Milo and reading a book. It’s pretty much as good as life gets.

5) The Smell

winter smell

This one’s a little odd, but I love how on a really cold morning (we do have them occasionally) everything smells sort of crisp and clean and wonderful. The light changes too. It’s softer somehow and just makes the world look new.

What do you love about winter? Confess in the comments or join the link up over at My Home Truths!

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  1. I hear you on ‘easier to get warmer than cooler’. I like the idea of slow cooked food too. Nice to come home to. Hope things are better in your little family today.

  2. The snuggling up with a good book and a hot cuppa is definitely my favourite thing about winter. I don’t always find it as ‘easy’ to warm up as everyone claims, but I don’t live in the sunshine state!

    1. I love that while might be cold inside most of the time if you step out the sun is beautiful warm. I visited Melbournd during winter once and was miserable. If I didn’t live in QLD I’d definitely be a summer person.

  3. I’m with you on all of these… well except the first… I don’t watch TV and if I did not entirely sure GoT would be my thing.

  4. Ooooh slow cooking, I haven’t thought of that one. And yes, most good TV shows start around the beginning of Aussie winter 🙂

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