How You Doin? Mid Year Goal Check In

Wow the first 6 months flew by didn’t they? Time to evaluate those new years resolutions, question is…

goals how you doin gif

I must confess that when I first saw this prompt that as per every year, I figured this would be full of misery, having completely failed at all of my yearly goals. Normally I pick some pretty nebulous ones (lose weight, eat healthier, work less) so when it comes time to review I end up disappointed. This year I tried to use the S.M.A.R.T method so each goal was quantifiable.  I also shot smaller, rather than trying to change my entire life, I’m focusing on what I can. So how did I do?

Write at least one blog post a week – PASS

goal blogger

Maybe not a big time blogger yet but I’ve been managing to knock out three posts a week. I’ve tried to start a blog about 4 times in the past but was never able to sustain it this long. Still going strong at 6 months with no sign of stopping. NAILING IT!

Complete the PopSugar Reading Challenge – PASS

goal popsugar reading challenge

I’m not in fact finished yet, but I’m definitely on track to get this done by the end of the year. It’s been super fun finding new stories that fit the categories. You can see the details here.

Begin a weekly yoga practice – PASS

goal yoga forgetting sarah marshall

Yea sorta not managed to get out of the house for this one. I have however started doing some poses at night to relax as well as a 15 minute mindfulness meditation. So I’m going to give myself a pass for it.

Me Time – FAIL

goal me time

Funnily enough, I thought this would be the easiest and yet it’s eluded me. With everything happening this year (illnesses, injuries, moving etc), I’ve been sneaking my me time where I can and haven’t even managed to keep up with the two hours a week I was getting last year.  I will try and do better with this one for the rest of the year. Once we’ve fully unpacked that is.

How are you tracking for your goals this year? Confess in the comments or join the link up over at My Home Truths!

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  1. Me time is a big struggle for… uh… me. I feel more refreshed for having spent the last two weekends lying on the couch watching DVDs while my husband is in his study working, but then it feels like we haven’t spent much time together. Ah. Damn balance is hard.
    I am planning a night away on my own though. I did one about a year and a bit ago and it was wonderful.

  2. I didn’t set any goals for myself this year. I just wanted to get through each day, and I’m here so clearly I’m kicking that one lol!

  3. I honestly feel like I’m failing on all fronts right now. Perhaps it’s time to set more realistic goals and not over complicate things and life.

    Perhaps we need to set a ‘me time’ challenge?

  4. Go you! Love how this has all worked out better than you thought. Life is like that! Some days I think I cannot be possibly going better and my hub assures me that I am. I think we can be ‘too close’ to ourselves to see. Congrats Tori!

  5. Good on you, you’re doing great! I too need to visit my 2016 goals and do a status check, I failed ME TIME aswel :(. Lol lets try harder for the second half of the year!

  6. You’re kicking butt on your goals! I need to look back at mine… I can’t even remember what they were! lol Though I do think one of them was to find a consistent blogging schedule, and since I’m posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That one is a pass! 🙂

    1. I was amazed how much is out there. I’ve found a great app too that let’s you build your own flow and then narrates it for you. We live in a pretty great time.

  7. You doin’ good! AND you’re an official crazy cat lady blogger – what more could you want?! 😉 I’m curious – what would you do with your me time if you did achieve it? It’s just that reading and blogging ARE me time, in my world anyways!

  8. I would count yoga as me time! Therefore you pass. Scheduling me too is so hard but it is also so important. Hopefully you can have more me time in the second half of the year.

    1. It’s that whole basic maintence thing really. I sort of consider yoga like a shower – it cleans my mind out of all the junk from the day. I never used to consider showers me time but maybe they are!

  9. I can’t wait for the chance for a well deserved break, for me. A couple of days to myself.
    You are kicking some goals though, and what is important you are patting yourself on the back for it and not thinking too much about what you are not getting done x

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