July Love List: 7 Things I Loved This Month

July is our windy, rainy, cold winter in Queensland. It’s hot chocolate and apple crumble weather.  Excellent for Netflixing and reading, but not so much for getting out and about until August brings the sunshine back.  Let’s all snuggle up, grab some hot tea and see what made the July Love List.


Every Heart A Doorway

This novella is probably one of my most anticipated stories this year. So many of my favourite children’s stories are about kids travelling to magical worlds – but what happens to them when they come back to the real world? See my review ]\here.

Candy Academy

How cool is this? The latest installation at the Logan Hyperdome was a step inside Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory – including The Gumball Room (a giant ball pit) and Willy Wonka’s boat. All the kids also got a free set of WonkaVision Specs. Straight to the dress up box with those!



My mum and dad have been overseas for a bit over a month, and I missed them so so much. July brought them back home safe, and as you can see, I wasn’t the only one glad to see Nanna and Umpa again.


Pokemon Go

Everyone is loving the latest craze and I am definitely no exception. I love that it gives me motivation to leave the office at lunch time and meander around my city. Previously I’d just sit and my desk and eat and always end up working through. It’s been great having a break.  Check out my post on Pokemon Go and other ways to get your geek on with your kids here.


Jack and Jill

Nightly tooth brushing has long been a battleground for our toddler. Someone in my mothers group told me about Jack and Jill’s toothpaste because it tastes nice – lo and behold, the battle was won.


French Twist Brownies

I could eat this mint choc brownie all day every day and never get sick of it. Om nom nom.



Did you know sitting is the new smoking according to the internet? During my battle with endometriosis, I’ve noted that my cramping is far less severe and much easier to live with when I’m standing rather than sitting down. I’ve recently started a standing workstation experiment in my office using this Varidesk rig. My aim is to be standing at my desk all day by the end of August. Wish me luck!


What is on your July Love List? Share in the comments or join the link up over at VegeTARAian!

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