Life This Week: 10 Things I Like About Myself

Any good counsellor will tell you the first step to banishing negative self talk is to sit and figure out the good things about yourself, but it’s easier said than done.  What is it about our society that makes it hard to write about our good qualities? I struggle with job interviews, and even with writing my media kit because I have this nagging feeling that blowing my own trumpet makes me vain. Denyse has set us a hard challenge for this week’s link up, but I’m going to try and rise to it. Here are my top 10 things I like about myself.

1. Empathy

My favourite thing about myself is that I’m able to put myself in someone else’s shoes. It helps me at work in IT and it helps me in my personal life. I like that going through my own battles hasn’t made me insensitive to other people’s.

2. Eyes

I have weird coloured eyes and I always hated them because they got me teased when I was younger. When we were dating, M told me he loved my ‘crazy werewolf eyes’ because they were unusual and ever since then I saw them for what they are – freakin cool.

3. Google Fu

My google fu is amazing. I have mad keen search engine skills. I can pretty much find anything on the internet at any time. While this might seem like a useless skill, it’s probably number one for usefulness

4. Sleep

I can get to sleep at night anywhere, anytime. I can’t nap, but I can go to sleep at night like no-one’s freakin business. It is my super power. And before you scoff, ask a person with insomnia just how mythical a super power this seems….

5. Personality

I’m a little odd, very in touch with my inner child,  a lot socially challenged, and mega geeky. But I finally like who I am. Because who I am is also awesome.

6. Memory

I joke about how I have a memory like a sieve after kids but it’s not really true. I’ve always had a pretty good memory for facts. I can remember helpdesk tickets that happened 6 months ago, the contents of the work knowledge base, and the lyrics to pretty much every song I’ve ever loved.  I’m the best trivia team member you’ll ever have.  I used to play Trivial Pursuit by myself for fun.

This is starting to get more difficult.. Ummmmmmm. Okay got it.

7. Lack of Shame

I have no shame in being childish and I like my ability to play with my son. There’s no song too ridiculous to sing in public, and no way I won’t get down on the ground to play cars at the park because I was born without a shame gland. I’l do anything to get the laugh because its the most magical sound in the world to me.

8. Positivity

Most of the time I’m a regular frickin Pollyanna who always looks on the bright side of life. I always like to look for the best in people and the world, and while it means that I can be disappointed, I can’t imagine life any other way.

9. Motherhood

Despite what my toddler would tell you on occasion, I am a pretty good mum. Most of the time I feel guilty as hell, but if I really think about it, I know I’m doing a good job.

10. Approachable

I have a face that says ‘please tell me your life story’ and I kinda love that. I have checkout chicks tell me about their boyfriend troubles and strangers watching Gilmore Girls over my shoulder on the bus. It’s nice to talk to strangers and learn things about people.


Wow that was so hard!!!  What do you love about yourself?  Share it loud and proud in the comments or join the Life This Week link up over with Denyse. I’m also linking up with the lovely All Mum Said and One Mother Hen today!

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  1. Am envious of your positivity – and yes I know it’s something I ‘could’ adopt, but my default is the negative. Sadly.

    And I wish I’d remembered empathy as it would have been a better inclusion than the fact I don’t watch The Bachelor! #eek

  2. That’s a fantastic list. And now I feel like I know you so much better. And you sound awesome! And you’re right about the ability to get to sleep. What a super power! I never used to have problems, but these days it’s a bit of a struggle for me so I envy that! I also feel like a bit of a wanker or vain when I try to ‘toot my own horn’ so to speak. Not sure if it’s an Australian thing or a female thing or both but it’s very frustrating!

  3. I want to see a photo of your eyes now! My daughter has the most amazing eyes – big and kind of green. And regarding sleeping as your super power, I kinda have that one. I can nap anywhere, anytime LOL. Takes me a bit longer to go to sleep at night though (regardless of whether I napped or not) which can be a tad annoying at times! It was different when I was anemic, then I’d be asleep almost before my head touched the pillow!

    1. Oh your daughters eyes sound beautiful!! I always dreamed of having green eyes as a little girl. Being able to nap sounds awesome! I’ve never been able to sleep much during the day so we are total opposites there.

  4. Just quietly, you’re my new favourite person after having read this. I love that you have no shame in playing with your son (I’m kind of the same with my nephews and niece) and would kill for a bit of that Google Fu. But most of all I’d take on your sleeping super power any day of the week.
    You totally aced this challenge!

  5. What a great challenge! well done for giving it a go, I think it would be hard. “Google fu” definitely sounds super useful. Empathy is such a great quality to have. I wish I had more of this sometimes 🙁

  6. Although I didn’t write a post, my first thought(about myself) was empathy when I saw this prompt. You have osme amazing qualities. I also adopt strays so they can tell their life stories..

  7. I am in serious envy of your numbers 2, 3 and 4. I wish sleeping was my superpower…. I really suck at it half the time. I’m a light sleeper, find it hard to get to sleep, and actually begrudge sleeping because there’s so many other things I’d rather be doing. Unfortunately, we need it! So, it’s something I’m always trying hard to work on for myself. Love that you are in touch with your inner child and not afraid to play with your son and sing in public! My number one and your number one are one and the same!! I think it’s by far my best quality. I really, really wish I was a Google Fu master. I try!

  8. Such an awesome post and totally reaffirming. I have been battling some serious doubt lately and probably should take some time to reflect and write something similar. ❤️ PS I hope we get to meet in real life one day!

  9. I recently started drafting my resume. Positives are hard, real hard.
    Your good qualities sound absolutely wonderful. I imagine you are quite a pleasure to be around.

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