What’s in My Handbag: Mummy Edition

I hate to say a handbag changed my life – but wel, you get the picture. I rock two ThinkGeek HandBags of Holding – the black leather version is my work bag, and the regular taupe one is my ‘mummy’ handbag.  I was going to take photos of everything as a flat lay but Bear started busily putting everything back in. Look at me helping, mum!!

Having two bags makes life so much easier as I’m not yanking everything out on a Sunday evening only to shove it back in frantically Saturday morning.  At some point, I’m going to treat myself to the Dragonscale version as well because, pretty.

The storage capacity of these bags is fantastic. I can fit my whole life and they never seem to go out of shape no matter how much they get yanked about.  I also love love love the loads of organisational pockets for your stuff – makes it so much easier to keep it all neat.

front pockets

This is where I keep the stuff that comes in and out of my bag constantly. It usually contains my purse as well as a couple of dummies with a dummy chain.

first compartment

I’m a bit of a tech nerd, so I always have to have my chargers and things around. I keep my cables, headphones and portable battery in a little pouch that can easily go between my work and home bags. This compartment has several cute little pockets that always contain some gingerbread men and fruit pouches for Bear. He is highly aware of this and often retrieves them from my bag in public to tell us he is hungry.  I’m not sure whether to be annoyed or impressed.  I also stuff in a few small cars and a board book as well as a couple decks of Magic: The Gathering cards to occupy M and I if Bear decides to nap.

zippered tablet compartment

I keep anything here that I don’t want Bear yanking out as he can’t quite work the zipper yet, especially my notebook and pens. I use the notepad to jot down ideas, but mostly to entertain Bear if he feels like drawing. I also store my iPad in here, because the boy knows his favourite Hairy Maclary books are on here as apps, and frequently grabs it out of the bag to have them read to him.

second compartment

This is my ‘nappy bag’ compartment. I have a few nappies and a spare onesie as well as one of these super funky wipes clutches because like most mothers, I use wipes for every damn thing.  There’s also a couple pairs of socks – one adult, one baby. Bear loves rampaging at indoor playgrounds and most of them mandate socks, so I always keep these around in case we have a day he is hepped up on goofballs and needs to tear around. There’s also a couple protein bars for hangry parents and my keys attached to the handy dandy key fob.

back zipped pouch

I use this as my toiletries area, because again little hands can’t work the zip yet.  Here is my pawpaw cream (for lip balm, hand cream and nappy rash), sunscreen, hair ties/grips, band-aids and nappy bags.

water bottle pocket

  • straw bottle for Bear – I find the water bottle pockets a bit tiny for an adult water bottle, but they fit the Tupperware Grow With Me bottle perfectly.
  • iPhone – this slips into the second pocket quite nicely.

I’m kind of exhausted just writing all that and can’t believe I carry that much around.  Link up with My Home Truths and share your list!

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  1. Oh I have been lusting after those handbags of holding for years now!! Are they the good, semi-magic type of bag that holds a lot but doesn’t make you feel like you’re doing weights?

  2. I have a huge collection of bags but since moving, haven’t unpacked them, so have been relying on just the one bag. After 3 weeks, it’s a complete mess on the inside… a bit like real life at the moment. Hoping things settle soon. It’s no fun moving house.

  3. Wow Tory , you are so organised . I am exhausted just thinking about all that in a bag . My bag is such a mess . You have inspired me to rethink how I pack my bag . I like the way you think .

    1. So true! When I first started back work I was just using one bag, and I’d frequently dig through it only to yank out a nappy in the middle of the office. So glad I can keep them separate now.

    1. And yet the thing you forget is always the thing that you need while you’re out isn’t it? For me it’s Henry’s hat. I’m forever forgetting his hat.

  4. Oh that bag is nice! I’m so glad I don’t have to carry nappies etc around anymore. I do need to start carrying more snacks though because I waste so much money when out on snacks.

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