Book + Play: The Very Sleepy Bear by Nick Bland

The Book: The Very Sleepy Bear

the very sleepy bear nick bland cover

​Who’s It By?

Nick Bland – author of The Very Cranky Bear, The Very Brave Bear, (I’m sensing a theme) and King Pig

What’s It About?

A bear just wants to hibernate but a fox sees an opportunity and tries to sell him some new real estate

Why Should You Read It?

One thing I love about Nick Bland is his books are made for silly voices. My fox is a classic Cockney thief, and it always makes my son giggle. And there is nothing in the world sweeter than a toddler giggle. Despite all the giggling this book entails, it’s also quite excellent for bedtime as the titular Bear spends a great deal of the book yawning his way through the lines. And we all know how infectious they are!


The Play: Bear Toast

the very sleepy bear by nick bland bear toast book and play book and snack book themed snack

What You Need

  • Bread (natch)
  • Bear Coloured Spread – Nutella, Peanut Butter or Vegemite (for a black bear)
  • Banana
  • Sultanas

What You Do

  1. Toast your bread
  2. Spread spread on bread (hah! poetry my friends).
  3. Cut small slices of banana and pop in each corner (for ears) and the centre (for nose)
  4. Add sultanas for eyes, and one in the centre of the nose as well
  5. Enjoy your book themed snack!
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