Treat Yo Self Day – 7 Little Ways to Practice Self Care

Happy Treat Yo Self Day! We’ve already talked about Galentine’s Day on the blog, but the amazing Parks and Rec also created another day that Mums everywhere should definitely celebrate – Treat Yo Self Day! The idea is that for one day, you say yes to indulging yourself – eat the cake, buy the thing – Treat Yo Self!

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Mums in particular are really bad at self care. We are always putting the metaphorical oxygen mask on everyone else first and eating the burnt chop. On Treat Yoself Day this is no more! On this holiest of holy days, we put ourselves first.


So What Can I Do?

5 Minute Dance Party

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This is the best fun ever. Pop on some Taylor (or whatever your jam) and groove around your lounge room like nobody’s watching. Watch your toddler if you need help. They are masters of the impromptu dance party.


Schedule Time Off

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Sometimes just knowing you have some me time on the horizon can make it easier to cope. It sounds silly to schedule some time to sit and read a book, but sometimes it’s what we have to do.


Hug Someone

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Kids give the best hugs, but anyone will do. Touching another human being gives you mega endorphins.


Phone A Friend

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This is something that we always put off, sticking to text messages or just forgetting to call back but hearing the voice of someone you love can lift your mood in an instant.


Go For A Walk Somewhere Beautiful

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Something about going for a walk in a pretty place lifts my spirits like nothing else. I have a local walking track where I can go and just marvel at birds landing on the water. Check out your local council or state government website to find an easy walk near you.


Write It Out

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Unload all of your thoughts on a bit of paper, or an iPad screen but also write down things to decrease the pressure on your memory. A good to do list is a thing of beauty and should not be underestimated.



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Feeling a bit of FOMO? Unplug from social media for an afternoon, day or a whole weekend to help you see what you have in front of you. The amount of time giving up a bit of social media gives you back is astounding.


So Be Kind To You and Celebrate Treat Yo Self Day!

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It doesn’t have to be huge like a Batsuit, it can be small like taking a half hour a day to drink your tea and read a book, or a piece of chocolate that you don’t have to share. Just do something nice for yourself and make every day Treat Yo Self Day. We deserve it.

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  1. I’ve recently started a new job and so now stay a night or two a week with my mum as the job’s in her hometown. It’s only 30mins drive from my hometown but it gives me an opportunity to catch up with her as well as cutting down on my driving.

    But, it also gives me little treats that I don’t get when living alone – like the hugs and the debrief at the end of a crappy day.

  2. Great tips. I find that when I unplug and read a a book, it helps me so much. I feel a lot calmer and relaxed.

  3. I like the idea of all of this. I tend to need a hug and now the grandkids are too far away my hub is always up for one!! I also go outside and look up and around me as nature is very soothing too. I hope you are feeling better today than yesterday as it was a tough one for you I know. xxxx
    Thanks for linking up for Life This Week 40/52. Next week: With $1000 I would…

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