Super Easy Toilet Roll Heart Stamped Valentine

I am definitely not a Pinterest mum. I rarely do crafts with my son, mainly because I know from everything that comes home in his bag that daycare already has that covered, but also because my mum is insanely creative and regularly does elaborate crafts with her grandkids – the most recent one was the Pikachu plant pot she painted with my nephew that I really want to steal for myself.  So I kinda feel like Bear is usually crafted out by the weekend, and I’m slightly grateful. This past weekend though he insisted on painting, so I had the idea to make a homemade Valentine’s day card for my husband, realising at the last minute I had no heart stamps or cookie cutters, and no crafty ability to carve stamps out of potatoes. I did however have a ridiculous amount of toilet rolls, so I decided to improvise and create this super easy heart stamped Valentine.

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What You Need

toilet roll heart stamped valentine toilet roll heart stamp

  • Cardboard Toilet Rolls
  • Washable paint (doesn’t have to be washable but god it’ll make your life easier)
  • Plates/Lids to use as palettes
  • Cardstock


What To Do

1. Fold your toilet roll tubes into a heart shape, by pushing in one side and then the other.  If it won’t stay, whack some tape around it to force it into place.  Don’t worry if it’s a little lopsided – it’s a toddler craft. No-one expects perfection.

toilet roll heart stamped valentine toilet roll heart stamp

2. Dip heart shaped end into red paint and allow your toddler to go nuts stamping hearts all over the card stock.

toilet roll heart stamped valentine toilet roll heart stamp

3.  Fold the cardstock in half so it makes a card and write a nice message inside.

toilet roll heart stamped valentine toilet roll heart stamp

4.  Revel in the fact that you got your partner the best card because it’s homemade by their darling child and nothing could ever top that.

So there you go. Is my cute heart stamped Valentine Pinterest worthy or what?

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  1. Can’t believe it is almost Valentine’s Day!! It feels like I’ve just taken the Xmas tree down not that long ago!! 🙂

  2. This is SOOOOO my kind of craft. I am so bad at organising and doing with my kids but this I could master! I figure that preschool has it covered but it is nice to do something with them occasionally! Love this winner!!

  3. I love that this is such a simple idea! My son might be slightly too young, but will definitely be all over this for next year! I might pass it on to my sister too for her little 18 month old! Thanks for sharing! #humpdayhype

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