Toddlin’ About: A Rainy Southbank Saturday

Any parent of an 18 month old will tell you that wearing those little legs out is key. Gone are the days when your Gizmo would just stay in one place and cuddle. Now they want to RUN or they turn into a gremlin.  We are always on the lookout for toddler friendly places where he can run about freely without constantly hearing the word No.  Normally when it’s raining we head over to Lollipops playland but we decided to venture a bit further afield and see what Southbank’s cultural precinct had to offer.



southbank qag

GOMA had been sold to me as a sort of mecca for kids – lots of things to touch and play with. Sadly that wasn’t the case for our young one, but I think it would be amazing for older kids. There were one or two exhibits that were toddler friendly but the rest were strictly no touching. Regardless, Bear had a fantastic time making it rain bottle lids in The Mandala of Flowers exhibit.


Queensland Museum

southbank museum

While again, this might be better for older children, there are still a few spots for a toddler to enjoy. Playsaurus Place  was a favourite, with loads of space to run and things to explore. Bear is a particularly ‘touchy’ child, with a fervent need to figure out how things work – not suprisingly, his favourite exhibits were The Coral Coast (particularly feeling the turtle shells and the different temperature eggs) and Discover Queensland where he spent almost an hour inside the strangler fig pressing buttons to see the different animals light up.


The Corner at the State Library
southbank the corner

Last but certainly not least, we have The Corner@SLQ. I cannot say enough about how amazing this space is for a toddler. There was someone leading a sing along on a ukelele, colouring, toys everywhere, craft projects for older kids and a miniature city of houses to explore and play peek-a-boo in. There’s also a cafe nearby that does amazing drinks and spaces to charge your phone for the mum or dad who needs a break while the other parent taps in to play. Bear was in absolute toddler heaven. If you are coming to Southbank and need a space out of the sun to run riot, check it out.


Do you have a great place in Brisbane to take your toddler when its wet out? Share in the comments!

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    1. Sometimes I think if I see another indoor play centre I might scream, so it was lovely to do something different hahaha

  1. Love those spaces! We’re in Melbourne and live right near the zoo. We go most weeks. Run, my children, run!

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