Toddlin’ About: Eat Street Markets

Wow my dad looks impressed in that photo. Eat Street Markets just started their winter daytime hours on Mother’s Day so this mum decided to treat herself to a some very yummy food. Woo!   The markets might not seem like a great toddler destination, but there’s definitely a lot here for your little person – and even more for mums!  There’s so much food there, it’s hard to pick favourites, but for you I’venarrowed it down to the top 4 stalls you absolutely must visit.


eat street phunkydory

Chips are always a big hit with tiny people. PD claims to have the best chips in Australia and if they aren’t well they are damn close. Anyone will tell you toddlers love to dip and this place has fantastic fries with even more delicious dipping sauces. Aoli for him and Bordeaux with fig and sage for me. Yum!

Jake and Elle’s Kitchen

eat street cannoli

This gorgeous red velvet ice cream cannoli was a treat just for me – a little Mother’s Day pressie to myself I ate it while he was napping in his stroller. Oh my god. Far far too good to share with a little person. Fun Fact: Apparently these guys were runners up in My Kitchen Rules 2014.

Gourmet Calamari

eat street calamari

There’s something beautiful about a simple meal well made and salt and pepper calamari is definitely one of those. So easily stuffed up but when it’s not it’s absolutely sublime. Bonus points for the beautiful sauces – perfect aioli or a not too hot sweet chilli.

 Thirsty Republic

eat street thirsty republic

These are hands down the best drinks at Eat Street bar none. They have juices, sodas, shakes, spider, anything you could possibly dream of. We tried the Purple Haze (raspberry passion fruit) soda and it was refreshing without being too sweet. Even Fox had to have some!

Honourable Mentions

The Boys House of Coffee: My husband adores well made Mexican food and every time we go to Eat Street, he makes a beeline for these guys. This place is tough to find as it has no name on its sign. Find the ‘food court’ type area that contains a crepe place and it’s right down the end with some amazing graffiti art all over their stand. Buy a taco bowl and thank me later.

The Chocolate Fountain: No matter how full I am, I always have room for their amazing fruit and marshmallow skewers drizzled in gorgeous chocolate.

The Doughnut Bar: Try their huge doughnut sundae, or buy some beautiful filled sugar doughnuts to take home!

About the Markets

Where Are They: McArthur Avenue Hamilton

When Are They: Every Friday and Saturday night 4pm-10pm. During winter they are also open Sundays 11am to 3pm.

The Important Stuff: These markets are flat so very easy to get a pram around and a lot of the seating is low – perfect for little people learning how to live without a high chair. There’s also live music with a large faux grass dance floor for little people to get their groove on.

Definitely something any visitor or local to Brisbane should get along to. You won’t get to eat everything in one visit, but that’s a great reason to go back for more!

PSST: They also have drive in movies!!!

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  1. Had a really good time at Eat Street Markets . It was a awesome Mother’s Day Pressie along with my Mother’s Day tape . We had a really lovely family day . I must admit my highlight was the Chocolate icecream cannelloni . It was pretty amazing . The doughnuts were delicious as well . It was lovely spending the day with you all . Xxxxxxxxx

  2. I’ve heard a lot about them but never been. I must go next time I’m in Brissy and the idea of drive in movies?! Hadn’t heard about that!

    1. I find it really hard to go at night – just too much happening. Sunday’s are so much quieter and easier to get around. Just don’t share your calamari – its too good! 😉

  3. I haven’t been to the eat street markets yet, but reading this post has reminded me to. It looks like a very yummy night out. It’s nice to have found a Brisbane mummy blogger :)…. started following you on Facebook! ooxx

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