Our Evolving Family Christmas Traditions

family christmas traditions

I’ve never really been a person with a lot of Christmas traditions. I mean I like Christmas and all but when it comes to holidays, I’ve always been more about Easter than Christmas.  It’ll come to no surprise to anyone following my Instagram feed that I am fairly food-centric so a holiday centering around small […]

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Why Lasagna Is The Food Of Love

why lasagna is the food of love

The act of someone cooking a meal for me has always felt like an act of love. The idea of someone going to effort to nourish others seems like the purest expression of love there is. Which brings me to lasagna. I’ve had many lasagnas over the years. My mum makes a pretty good one, […]

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Beginnings.. Not A Fan

Sadly I had to skip last week’s final confession, as Ive been taking a blogging break while I recovered from surgery, but I’m very happy to join Denyse for the first outing of Life This Week. While I’m excited to be embarking on this new link up with the rest of the I Must Confess […]

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