September Love List: Our Life In Pictures

First of all, I want to say thankyou for all of your kind words last month when I wrote about why I’ve been so quiet lately. The black dog has been asleep for a bit during September, and I’m so glad to be past my blocks and writing again, you have no idea!


September has been a lovely slow month, apart from someone turning three towards the end. It was just what I needed to recover and pull myself back up. I hope you enjoy the September Love List!


Eating: The Real Slim Shady


I post a lot of Doughnut Time here, but I make no apologies – their doughnuts are pretty AND delicious!


Finding: The Gollum Door


It’s a little known thing but Brisbane has a ton of guerilla art installations. Yarnbombing is probably the most well known, but recently we’ve had a ton of people installing fairy doors in trees. The Gollum Door at Scarborough Beach Park is one of the first, having been around for a couple years, but it’s a favourite of local children. If you crouch down right near the bottom you can even see him sitting inside!



Watching: Game Of Thrones


OMG YOU GUYS! How good was that finale? Literally cannot even with the dragons. CANNOT EVEN.


Pondering: The Meaning of RUOK Day


This day can be quite divisive within the community – RUOK Day can often be celebrated by workplaces on the day and then largely forgotten for the rest of the year. I think it’s an important conversation starter but the conversation needs to be year round. It’s no good hosting a morning tea on September ?? and then ignoring people’s stress levels for the other 364.


Failing: Organisation


Yup. Had to call around to a whole bunch of stores to find a pirate outfit for Bear the day before Talk Like A Pirate Day because it completely slipped my mind. Turns out this day is now being celebrated in daycare centres all across Brisbane. Who knew? And then when I found one, everyone made a big fuss at how awesome my husband was for picking it up. He literally went to a counter and picked up a reserved item. He’s an awesome dad for so many reasons, but that ain’t one of them.


Organising: A Pirate Party!

Kids parties are always heaps of work but also mega fun. We had a blast getting our pirate on – and I was surprised how many adults dressed up and joined in the fun!


Celebrating: Bear’s Third Birthday


Every year around Bear’s birthday I write him a letter talking about all those quirky little things I want to remember about him at this age. There’s so many wierd things about my three year old – it’s amazing how much he’s changed in just one year. Happy Birthday Captain Bear Boots! Also how gorgeous is this cake? Check out the lovely and talented Caked In Fondant for more of her work.


Posting: My Marriage Equality Survey


#VoteYes – that’s really there is to say


Pondering: Solo Parenting

I’m not sure that’s the right terminology but I’m talking about when your partner travels for work. Mr Rogue is a bit of a frequent flier at the moment and often lately he’s just flying home on the weekends, leaving me solo during the week. I’m insanely lucky to have the support of both sets of grandparents who do the pickups, dinners and baths for me so I can continue to work my full hours. It also makes me have a solid respect for any parents doing it alone full time or those in the same situation as me who don’t have a village helping out.


So that’s our month! What would you put on your September Love List?

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  1. I do think you have been doing amazingly well and I am pleased to hear the black dog is quieter now. That Pirate Cake was amazing! Onward to more fun as Christmas approaches for you and the magical age that your son is. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 38/52. Next Week’s Prompt is Any Regrets?

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