Easiest Ever Halloween: Frozen Banana Ghost Pops

Frozen Banana Ghost Pops Halloween Recipes Easy Halloween

Continuing our Halloween fun from last week, we have these super adorable frozen banana ghost pops. Turns out when you coat banana in some white chocolate and coconut, it looks freakin adorable and tastes even better. I’d say who knew but everyone knows there’s always money in the banana stand. Frozen Banana Ghosts Recipe taken […]

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Spooky Scary Halloween Eyeball Punch

Spooky halloween eyeball punch easy halloween recipes halloween punch red punch

Are you having a Halloween party? Fun! This spooky eyeball punch is the perfect drink to slake the heartiest of trick or treating thirsts. How To Make Eyeball Punch Gather Your Ingredients For The Eyeballs Canned Lychees Small punnet Blueberries For The Punch 1 cup Sunshine Punch 2 cups Cranberry/Raspberry Juice 2 cups Ginger Ale […]

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Microwave Apple Pie Porridge with Organix

organix porridge featured image

Note: product sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review We’ve been making porridge for Bear ever since he started solids, and the recipe has always involved a truly ridiculous amount of home made apple puree. Unfortunately some weeks just get away from me, and peeling and chopping apples is the […]

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Vegan Pine Lime Splice Green Smoothie

vegan pine lime splice green smoothie pineapple lime green smoothie

I feel like green smoothies were obviously invented by a mother.  Getting vegetables into someone without them realising it  – its right in the mum wheelhouse isn’t it?  When they first became a thing, I did my fair share of pointing and laughing at the hipsters with their green drinks on Instagram but then I […]

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Merry Blogmas: Christmas Ham Frittata

My favourite christmas recipe is more an after Christmas leftovers recipe. You know  when you’ve gone over a week eating christmas ham sandwiches and you would be happy never to see the motherflippin stuff again.  Personally I never get to this point, but apparently other people have a wierd aversion to eating the same thing […]

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