A Printable Geeky Valentine For Just About Every Fandom

So you’ve gotten this far and forgotten to buy a Valentine’s Day card have you? Well don’t you fret, fellow unorganised nerdy person. I’ve got you covered with this round up – there’s a printable geeky valentine out there for just about every fandom one could wish for. All you need is access to a printer (or an Officeworks) and you’ve got a lovely card for your significant otter.


printable geeky valentine buffy love makes you do the wacky

Possibly the best quote about love of all time has been immortalised on this cute printable – still as true today as when Willow said it over 10 years ago. Okay now I feel old.


Game of Thrones

printable geeky valentine game of thrones white walker babies

Perfect for the moon of your life.


Star Wars

printable geeky valentine bb-8 mine star wars valentine

See I could have gone the obvious – I love you/I know but I like this one better. It’s nice to avoid the clichés from time to time.


Parks and Rec

printable geeky valentine galentine's day printable parks and recreation

Can’t forget your bestie – give them a Galentine’s day card in true Leslie Knope fashion, you beautiful tropical fish you.


Harry Potter

printable geeky valentine harry potter you're a keeper
If they don’t get this, dump them. Seriously. They aren’t worth it.



printable geeky valentine pokemon pikachu
Gotta catch all the luvs!


Doctor Who

printable geeky valentine doctor who fez tardis

Husband – prove you read my blog and buy me this card.


Star Trek

printable geeky valentine star trek data

Or this one. I’d also accept this one. It’s definitely a romantic thing to say to your long term partner. Swoon.



printable geeky valentine supernatural valentine

Last but certainly not least – how could I forget the good ole Winchesters?




So go ahead and print some out to give your geeky valentine this year! I promise I won’t tell that you forgot.

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