Date Movie: Passengers

passengers jennifer lawrence chris pratt passengers banner

Oh Passengers. Never before has a movie been so highly anticipated only to crash and burn the week before it opened. I have been looking forward to this movie ever since I first the description on The Blacklist. I’ve eagerly watched and re-watched trailers and followed every scrap of news. And then we actually found […]

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A Day Out With Thomas At The Workshops Museum

a day out with thomas the workshops museum toddler the railway workshops ipswich queensland australia

While Bear’s true love will always be the Octonauts, he’s started having a dalliance with Thomas. His love of keeping Thomas Minis in every room of the house cripples his parents on a regular basis – those things are the new goddamn Lego. They multiply at the speed of light and hurt like the blazes […]

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New Music to Add To Your Christmas Day Playlist

festive playlist christmas day playlist new music for christmas

Most of us tend to stick to tried and true Christmas music for our Christmas Day playlist. I know I like Chris Cornell singing Ave Maria dammit and I am sticking to that, but sometimes it’s nice to let something new slip into the music list. Since there’s a plethora of new Christmas albums released every […]

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My 2016 Greatest Hits (In Blog Form)

2016 greatest hits blogging best of 2016 best blog posts

While 2016 was a hard year, it was also my first complete year as a blogger. I started November 2015 and managed to blog all the way through so yay me!  The lovely Cate over at Life Behind The Purple Door had a fantastic idea to celebrate our bloggy selves, and share with everyone our […]

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Our Evolving Family Christmas Traditions

family christmas traditions

I’ve never really been a person with a lot of Christmas traditions. I mean I like Christmas and all but when it comes to holidays, I’ve always been more about Easter than Christmas.  It’ll come to no surprise to anyone following my Instagram feed that I am fairly food-centric so a holiday centering around small […]

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