Organix No Junk Toddler Snack Road Test

Note: Product was provided free of charge by Organix in exchange for an honest review.

I have a confession to make. My name is Tory and my toddler is a serial snacker.  He is a two year old snack machine. At this point, I’m not entirely sure that he isn’t a hobbit.

Each day he requires a massive breakfast, seconds for lunch and dinner as well as truly prodigious amount of snacks.  His snack box is a adult lunchbox stuffed to the gills and he eats ALL OF IT every single day while still remaining thin as a whippet.  While I always pack it with fruit and protein, we also need to include items that are a bit carby to avoid him coming home hangry or raiding the daycare food supply. Working full time, I rarely get to bake my own treats, so my husband and I  spend ages scouring the baby aisle at the supermarket, trying to find the very best for our little Bear with no nasty ingredients or hidden sugars.

Enter Organix.  Organix have created a range of no junk baby and toddler snacks and they were kind enough to send us a happy mail of snacks for Bear to try and see if they get his seal of approval.

organix no junk toddler snacks happy mail

I have heard of Organix before as Bear is a big fan of their mashed fruit pots popped into his morning porridge or mixed with yoghurt but I wasn’t really familiar with their savoury snacks.  Bear can be fussy with things he doesn’t recognize, so we tend to stick to the same things to make life easier.  We were definitely due for a change, so I made I him a little tapas plate of goodies to see if they met with his approval.

organix no junk toddler snacks plate

Since he insisted that we try first, I can tell you that while these snacks might not be junk food, they certainly taste great!   After a quick parental taste test, Bear demolished the entire plate and called for more. His favourites were the Carrot Stix, gleefully renamed chippies and the Mini Oaty Bites, both of which have become regular features both in his snack box and the emergency food stash in my handbag. I’ve dipped into the Tomato Noughts and Crosses myself, which delightfully taste like my childhood favourite Atomic Tomato chips, but with a much healthier ingredients list. The fact that these snacks are made with the best organic ingredients means I don’t stress about what Bear is eating. I know he is getting something that tastes great and contains no added junk. Win!

organix no junk snack food toddler mini oaty bites

So if you are looking for yummy tasting snacks that also contain no nasties – head in store to check out the Organix No Junk range – they’re toddler (and Mum) approved!

Featured products are now available at the following stores:
Carrot Stix: Coles & Woolworths
Tomato Noughts & Crosses: Coles & Woolworths
Cheese & Herb Puffs:  Woolworths
Mini Oaty Bites: Coles
Animal Biscuits:  Coles
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