Microwave Apple Pie Porridge with Organix

Note: product sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review

We’ve been making porridge for Bear ever since he started solids, and the recipe has always involved a truly ridiculous amount of home made apple puree. Unfortunately some weeks just get away from me, and peeling and chopping apples is the absolute last thing on my mind, but store bought purees are almost all either too runny or stacked with a ton of added sugar. Not great. So imagine my joy when Organix sent me a happy mail of their lovely new fruit pots. Organix have a commitment to using real ingredients so it’s a brand I instantly trust, which is important when one is rushing through the grocery shopping!


When we make our foods, we think about little one’s growing up to be healthy, independent food explorers, and what they will need every step of the way to learn about good food and enjoy each new food adventure.
All our foods are made with real ingredients so food tastes just as it should, and everything we make meets strict regulations to ensure it’s safe for little ones to enjoy.
We also set our own standards based on our experience in children’s nutrition, from what goes in the food, to the portion sizes we recommend, so everything is just right for little ones as they grow and develop.


organix carrot stix no junk promise toddler snacks

Bear was already a fan of their Carrot Stix, so when I saw their fruit pots I knew we would be onto a winner. They have a great mashed texture that is perfect for toddlers who are so over runny purees and are perfect for my busy weeks. Their No Junk Promise means I don’t have to stress about ingredients lists – I know that what I’m giving him has no added nasties and is just as good as something I could make at home.


Our No Junk Promise is our stamp of reassurance that you’ll always find on all our foods.
It’s not a legal or food industry requirement. Instead it’s a challenging set of rules we have created that sits at the heart of our mission to make things better in food for children.
To achieve the best for children we’re tough on ourselves and we demand this from others. Why? Because quite simply, we love making things better.

organix fruit pots mashed toddler snacks

While any of the fruit pots are an amazing addition to morning porridge, the apple and raspberry flavour gives a delicious apple pie taste that is too good to resist!


Microwave Apple Pie Porridge

organix fruit pots ingredients microwave apple porridge

100g quick oats
200g milk
1/2 tub Organix mashed apple and raspberries
2 tablespoons greek yoghurt
1 teaspoon cinnamon

  1. Get a bowl with high sides and pop in your oats and milk. Give it a quick stir until the mixture looks like an oaty, milky soup.
  2. Pop in the microwave on high for 1m 30s
  3. Stir the porridge furiously until everything is mixed in
  4. Pop in the microwave again on high for 1m 30s. Keep an eagle eye on it and stop to stir every 30 seconds or when it’s threatening to boil over.
  5. Remove from microwave and stir again.
  6. Stir in yoghurt, cinnamon and fruit.
  7. Eat it all up!


organix apple raspberry microwave porridge
NOTE: If you want to scale up just keep the oats to milk ration 1:2 and add 1m 30 to the cooking time for each additional serve.

GOT LEFTOVERS? Mix the rest of the Organix mashed fruit tub with some greek yoghurt to make a healthier flavoured yoghurt for your child’s lunchbox.


Where To Buy Featured Organix Products

Carrot Stix: Coles & Woolworths
Organix Fruit Pots: Exclusive to Woolworths

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  1. Hey!!!! I just got so excited because I actually have a packet of the Organix puree in my cupboard right now!! I love it for quick and easy snacks when you’re out, but this porridge is a great idea. I know what my one year old is having for breakfast when he wakes up!!

  2. Good to know of a product which is so helpful to you and your son! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 12/52. Next week: Three Month Review 2017

  3. Wow, it looks so delicious that I’d eat it! Will definitely have to keep this in mind as out Starfish keeps increasing the types of solids he’s having. Glad you’ve found something besides the homemade apple purees (I’m doing this too and it is such a pain!)

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