Perfect Gifts Under $20 To Rock Your Office Secret Santa

One of my favourite Christmas traditions has always been the office Secret Santa. I love the challenge of buying a present for someone I don’t really know that well.  Just when I felt like I had it in the bag, my work threw a spanner into the works.

This year, instead of being allocated a person, everyone just chooses a cool present and wraps it up. When Secret Santa day arrives, everyone draws a number out of a hat and the game begins. If you are number 1, you choose a gift from under the tree. Number 2 picks a gift and then can choose to swap with number 1 or keep their own. And so on and so forth for 30 different people. It’s super fun, but it makes it so hard to pick a gift because it has to be something that could work for anyone participating. But my pain is your joy because I’ve put together a list of easy Secret Santa presents that should make you the hit of the office Christmas party!


For Your Office Ron Swanson

office secret santa whiskey stones stemless glass


For the person in your office that loves their whiskey or vodka neat, these gorgeous glasses from Kmart are only $5! Pair them with these whiskey stones from Typo ($12.99) for a great spirit drinking kit.


For the Health Nut

office secret santa green smoothies smoothie cup freezer balls

I would love it if someone put this under my tree this Christmas! A book of green smoothies ($12), a straw cup ($3) and an ice ball set ($5)  is perfect for the smoothie junkie in your office. Wanna know the best part? They are all from Kmart so only one stop!


For The Stressy Creative

office secret santa colouring book colouring pencils typo

The latest trend in stress relief is adult colouring in, and I think this makes a perfect Secret Santa present for someone who might be a bit stressed in your office. This gorgeous book ($9.95)  has postcards to colour in and when you pair it with these cute pencils ($9.95) it makes a great gift.


For The Gamer Girl (or Guy)

office secret santa scrabble fridge magnets birdsnest

If my Secret Santa is reading this, please please please buy me these ($14.99)!! I’m a huge fan of refrigerator poetry, so fridge scrabble is just the next step of awesome!


For Every Person

office secret santa

Everyone loves Lush right? This cute gift pack comes in at $14.95 and would easily work for either a girl or a guy with its fresh minty scent.  And it even comes pre-wrapped!


For The Avocado Lover

office secret santa avocado shark
The avocado shark ($14.99) is an Australian designed tool can mash, depip and scoop any avocado. Perfect for that person in your office who always has smashed avocado on crackers for lunch.

For the Presenter

office secret santa zing thinkgeek shark with frickin laser pointer

Oh come on. It’s a shark with a frickin laser pointer attached to its head ($14.99). Everyone wants one.


For The Chocaholic

office secret santa hot chocolate hug mug hot chocolate spoon

In my office there are a lot of people who avoid coffee but adore hot chocolate. This cute mug ($15.40) is perfect to hug on a cold night, and paired with a hot chocolate spoon ($3.95), it’s definitely something I’d love from my office Secret Santa.



For The Tea-Totaller

office secret santa tea mug tea bag squeezer

I am loving this mug ($9.99) from Typo! Perfect for a bad day at work. Pop it together with this equally grumpy tea bag squeezer ($9.99) and you got a Secret Santa gift to be proud of.


Are you doing an office Secret Santa this year? What’s your go to Secret Santa gift?


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  1. I must flag this with my mother as she’s got a $20 budget with her friends. I don’t do presents with my friends any more… we used to just go somewhere nice for dinner together.

    I love your ideas though – I tend to go for booze if I have a budget!

  2. I love that idea! It is better than to have ‘one person’. Good one. I am very tempted to have those scrabble letters for the fridge. I am totally a messages on the fridge person but gave all the magnetic letters to the grandkids when we moved! Thanks for linking up to #lifethisweek. Denyse

    1. Aren’t they cool? I’m really struggling with the idea of a neutral present. A few people told me today that they are just going to get something they like themselves and hope they end up with it!

  3. What brilliant ideas! I have a mother group secret santa coming up so might check out some of these ideas! (LOVE the sharks with frickin laser beams reference! Haha).

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