October Love List: Our Life In Pictures

Octoooober! I love you!  I love the rain on the windows, the crisp air and most of all Halloween you guys! My inner goth chick adores the spooky ookiness of Halloween.  Let’s see what else is making the October Love List.

DRINKING: Coke + Coffee

All I can say is meh. It’s not horrid, but I wouldn’t drink it again.

DOING: Carrot Picking

We are trying to educate young Bear that food comes from somewhere other than the supermarket, so we were super excited to take part in Kalbar Fresh’s Carrot-astrophe and show him how his favourite snack makes it to him. On a side note, does anyone know how to use up 6 kilos of carrots? We are eating so much soup you guys.

MAKING: Dog Biscuits

To celebrate the release of Pointy Pembleton, we made some gorgeous peanut butter dog biscuits for our resident hound. They are also toddler approved – he ate so many!

PONDERING: Fashion & Feelings

I started thinking this month about how  clothes used to make me feel as a kid. I had a Ginger Meggs shirt that made me feel invincible to the people who bullied me for my red hair. My son’s pirate t-shirt makes him feel the same way. Why do we lose that feeling of clothes making us feel awesome?

CELEBRATING: Treat Yo Self Day!

For all the parents out there who are terrible at taking care of themselves (which is all of us, let’s be honest), I say TREAT YO SELF. Here’s some easy ways you can make every day Treat Yo Self Day.

LOVING: Rainy Days

There is literally nothing better than a rainy day where you can curl up in bed with some hot chocolate, a warm toddler and a Disney movie. Except when they happen for like a week and you’re all going stir crazy.

CREATING: The Obliteration Room

I absolutely LOVE this installation. It’s a room that looks like a little white flat – until they let kids loose with a whole bunch of coloured dots to obliterate it with colour. It’s always a huge favourite when it comes back to GOMA. What kid doesn’t like sticking stickers in inappropriate places?

WEARING: My Stripey Mum Uniform

Aaah stripes. What would I do without you my delicious little fashion staple?

WATCHING: My Little Pony – The Movie

AAAAAH SO EXCITED! And I wrote a review and everything!

MILESTONING: Bear’s First Trick Or Treat

We’ve dressed Bear up for Halloween before, but this was the first year he was old enough to really get it. Unfortunately our neighbourhood doesn’t really ‘do’ Halloween, so instead we ended to the Westfield Spooktacular to beg for sweets from various retailers, followed by a Halloween movie night with Eyeball Punch and Frozen Banana Ghosts for afters.
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  1. Try making carrot fries! Chop them into sticks and coat with little bit of olive oil and garlic. Spread them on a baking tray and pop them in a hot oven for about 10 minutes, flip them over, then cook for another 10 minutes. Easy and super yummy!

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