Toddlin’ About: Out Of The Box Festival

toddler out of the box festival highlights

What Is Out Of The Box? Out Of The Box is a biennial festival for children under 8 in Brisbane, focusing on art, culture and music. With so many things to see and do, it’s hard to pick favourites and yet for you dear reader, I will. Here are my top 5 activities at the 2016 Out Of The […]

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10 Books To Read Over & Over With Your Toddler

books read featured

There are a thousand reasons to read to your children. It’s fun, it’s great for bonding and any parenting expert will tell you that it’s one of the most important things to do.  But what do you read?  It’s hard to tell without spending a fortune which picture books will entertain and which will be thrown to […]

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5 Lessons in Parenthood From Middle Earth

rings featured

  The Lord of the Rings saga is littered with life lessons. Tolkien really did have a way with the inspirational Instagram friendly quotes and so many of them apply to the business of parenthood. When you think about, children and hobbits do have a lot in common…. 1) On Advice Advice is easy to […]

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The Story Of A Tuesday

tuesday featured

  This is the story of Tuesday.   Most of the time I feel I have a good handle on my son’s needs and Tuesday was the day he threw me a curve ball. Tuesday was the latest day to remind me that I’m clearly not ready to remove my new parent training wheels. M away […]

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Toddlin’ About: Eat Street Markets

Wow my dad looks impressed in that photo. Eat Street Markets just started their winter daytime hours on Mother’s Day so this mum decided to treat herself to a some very yummy food. Woo!   The markets might not seem like a great toddler destination, but there’s definitely a lot here for your little person – […]

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10 Things My Toddler Completely Loves Right Now

loves featured

My son has a lot of loves in his life.  A small cotton fox from Ikea that we’ve named Foxey (I’m not great with names).  Taking selfies with my iPhone. Anything Hairy Maclary or The Wiggles.   These loves are pretty much forever.  Like most toddlers though, his love is also changeable, he’ll often be obsessed with […]

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Toddlin’ About: Underwater World Mooloolaba

Aside from the Bill Murray version of Garfield, Bear has two great loves of his life at the moment: Henry the Octopus and Peso Penguin.  Unfortunately taking him to see penguins in the wild is a bit out of the budget at the moment, so we decided to head over to Underwater World to visit some octopi and check […]

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Lessons In Parenthood From Doctor Who

I have some confessions to make I own not one but two sonic screwdrivers that also function as remote controls.  Mainly because I like being able to wave my sonic and have it do stuff. I requested and had my mother knit for me a full size, colour correct Fourth Doctor scarf which I accepted […]

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