Mix Tape: Songs for a Bad Day

I know everyone has had one of these. A bad bad day where everything you touch turns awful and nothing seems to go right. One of those days where you just want to go back to bed and rage watch British crime procedurals until its time to sleep. No-one else does that? Just me then. Right. Okay.

The rock Taylor swift gif bad day mix tape

Funnily enough there’s no Taylor here. Some days are too much for even her to fix and this is for those. There are two types of playlists for a bad day – there are those that focus on super angry music to fit your mood, and those that are more about lifting your spirits. I definitely prefer the latter with a teeny bit of the former thrown in as well. This is a playlist to see you through those days where it just feels like the world is throwing everything at you and expecting you to catch it.  Bonus is most of these songs are fairly kid friendly – no swearing here folks!

My Chemical Romance – Welcome To The Black Parade

Do or die, you’ll never make me, Because the world will never take my heart

Confession time: I was a bit of an emo in my late teens early twenties. Because of that MCR have a special place in my heart, and nothing scores a bad day better than them.

Foo Fighters – These Days

Easy for you to say, your heart has never been broken, your pride has never been stolen, not yet not yet

This song instantly makes me feel better on a crap day without being overly positive and bubbly.  It’s got guitars and drums and great lyrics. Especially for those days where people keep telling you to cheer up and smile. I’m a damn grown up. I’ll cheer up when I want and not before.

The Heavy – How You Like Me Now?

I found a brand new love for this man, I can’t wait til you see it

This song just makes me want to strut down the street when I have a bad day. It’s the epitome of ‘I’m awesome and you can suck it’.

Spiderbait – Buy Me A Pony

Don’t you wanna be, a personality, an ocean in the sea

I’ll be honest, the lyrics here are about the music industry machine but god the beat of it is perfect for stomping down the street when you’re feeling wronged, and yet you feel your step lightening before the end of the song.

Jimmy Eat World – The Middle

Hey, don’t write yourself off yet, it’s only in your head you feel left out or looked down on. 

This song is incredibly optimistic and it always makes me want to dance! Perfect for pulling me out of the blues

What’s your go to song when the world gets all up in your business? Share in the comments!

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