Merry Blogmas: Share your favourite blogs

My favourite blogs – such a loaded topic that one!  I love to read everyone’s work so narrowing it down was super tricky, but here we go with my top 10.

Doctor Who quote blogs

Cheeseburger Gothic

I’ve been a JB fan ever since the felafel days (and if you don’t know what that means, read He Died with a Felafel in his Hand). He goes between terribly funny and heartbreakingly insightful on a dime.  If you’re not already a fan, seriously check him out.

Fat Mum Slim

I participate in the #fmsphotoaday challenge on Instagram that this talented lady runs and its super fun.  The prompts sometimes require you to be a little creative which is a nice mind stretch for me. She’s a great lifestyle blogger with a natural writing style that is very easy to read.

The Frogman

I mean the tagline has corgis in it – how could he not be everyone’s favourite? sooo cute!  This is more of a photo blog that shares cuteness and funnies that are often corgi/animal related.

Console to Closet

This blog is all about creating real world outfits based on video game characters and they are all pretty much all get-in-my-wardrobe-gorgeous. Great geeky fashion inspiration.  The ones based off Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite are personal favourites of mine.

Pinterest, You Are Drunk & Pintester

As someone who continually pins elaborate crafts that I have no hope of ever completing, these two crack me up every time. Particularly the way the Pintester keeps cracking out her somewhat NSFW cake moulds.

Being Geek Chic

These girls cover fashion, travel, comics – pretty much everything I want to read about in a nutshell. Often I end up being the only girl in the room with my job and hobbies, so it’s nice to read the musings of other people in the same situation.


So there we are! I hope you’ve discovered a new blog to follow and love.


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