Merry Blogmas: 5 Gifts Under $50

Merry Blogmas y’all! Today I’m going to play Santy Claus and find some gifts for your nearest and dearest under $50. My favourite part of Christmas is to pick our gifts for my friends and family and it’s so hard nowadays because everyone just has so much stuff. I tend to go for more edible or ‘experience’ type gifts than anything because  that way you know it’s not going to contribute to clutter.  Of course this means that most of my family ends up with cinema vouchers, but hey everyone loves not having to mortgage their house to go to the movies. Without further ado, here’s some pretties to give to your lovelies.

Blogmas gifts under 50

Typo Get Carried Away Mug ($16.99)

These oversized takeaway mugs make a  great present for your Secret Santa. There are loads of cute designs however I’m partial to pugs.

Polli Flannel Flower Stainless Steel Necklace ($44.95)

For the ladies, this necklace is just gorgeous.  I’ve been a big fan of Polli for quite some time. I love love love their beautiful nature inspired patterns and I just find all their pieces have that slightly quirky unusual it factor that means everyone asks where you got it.

Target Confetti Tee Pee ($49)

Yes I know this barely scrapes in but for the little person in your life it is beyond cute.  You could also ask family and friends to pick out some decorations and accessories like  a soft floor mat and some cute cushions as well.

Chester Street Bakery Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cake ($32.50)

I try to shop locally whenever I can so this one is a bit Brisbane Centric but there is seriously no better pressie for anyone than a petite size cake from Chester Street Bakery. The cakes are so beautiful and taste better than they look (if that’s possible). The smaller size still feeds around 4 people, but it’s so good your giftee probably won’t want to share – and why should they!

Lush Happy Hippy Hair and Body Gel ($20.50)

M has been obsessed with finding the perfect hair and shower gel so he only has to take one bottle when he travels and this definitely fits the bill. This stuff used to be mine but I noticed he was using less and less of his cheapo stuff and nicking mine instead!  It has a great sweet grapefruit-y smell that isn’t too overpowering and is super refreshing. Great for the man in your life.

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    1. ooh those cakes. Chester St is waaay too close to my work for my poor tummy to handle. It’s like Willy Wonka’s factory.

  1. Everything, absolutely everything on that list. brilliant! i especially love the pug haha…. i was actually thinking mug when i wrote that and ended up putting pug haha

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