May Love List: Our Life In Pictures

Donating : Nappies

This month we got rid of all our unused odd disposable nappies by dropping them off at The Nappy Collective. It’s a fantastic cause that gives nappies to less fortunate families. They do several drives a year so save up those two or three left over when bubs goes up a size and donate next time!


Loving: Cold Snaps

I absolutely adore the colder weather. There is no better feeling than getting all warm and snuggly under a blanky. Even better with some hot tea or cocoa. Bliss.


Reading Assassin’s Fate

I’ve been reading the adventures of Fitz and The Fool for over 10 years and I’ve finally sobbed my way through the very last story. Absolutely perfect ending but it’s made me want to start reading them all over again!


Celebrating: Mothers Day

I was a very lucky mummy this year with my beautiful magnets and teamaker. I even had pancakes made for me as well. Awww.

Eating: Fried Chicken from Revolver

Oh my god it’s so good you will never eat KFC again. I also wrapped up the best gluten free comfort foods in Brisbane this month, check it out!


Milestoning: Potty Training

We are adopting a rather gentle approach to potty training where we just sort of have them available around the house and ask him if he wants to use it. We’ve had a few successes since we started but I don’t think he’s ready to fully go for it just yet. Softly softly we continue.


Watching Twin Peaks: The Return

This show has always been wierd but The Return is so gloriously Lynchian it can hardly function. It has strange glass boxes, otherworldly murdery figures and Kyle McLachlan with long hair. Terrifying.


Surviving: Mum Flu

I joke about no-one caring about mum flu but the truth is Mr Rogue is always my rock. He organizes park outings, cooks roasts and does washing while constantly bringing his grumpy patient Lemsips and tea. I love him everyday but being sick reminds me just how much.


Rocking Out: Jimmy Eat World


…man those 90s lyrics. so good….

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  1. I’ve kind of gotten into tea (well, I will drink green tea with honey only if I make it haha) and want to know more but also it seems too in depth. The T2 stuff always looks fancy and pretty 🙂 So maybe I just want some pretty!

  2. I love this idea!!! What an awesome way te be able to look back on the months gone by! As baby Rogue grows up, you’ll have the milestones right there! ❤️ Your Instagram is one of my favourites, too!! X

  3. I don’t like being cold, I am living in the wrong part of Australia I think. It barely got above 10 degrees yesterday here (SE SA). Freezing!
    That chicken looks great! #openslather

  4. Lovely..great to see how you made May…and I hope that all’s well for June too! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 22/52. Next week’s prompt: View From Here.

  5. Sounds like a great month up until the Mum flu. I’m glad that your other half is great at picking up the slack for you.
    I wouldn’t say no to that fried chicken either!

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