March Love List: 7 Things I Loved

March has been a fantastic month. On the negative side we are trying to sell our house with all the stress that entails but on the positive side we’ve had some great news about Bear’s seizures and completed a successful wean from his reflux medication!!!!  No more tests or waiting a half hour before food for our little guy!

Huzzah!!!!!  Let’s all dance like Leo!!!

march leo dance

Jessica Jones

march jessica jones

Yup I know I’m behind the eight ball on this one but we just finished watching Jessica Jones over Easter but not for lack of trying. Some babies constantly interrupt their parents having ahem ‘adult time’ – mine has an unerring ability to cry hysterically just as I sit down to watch Jessica. Oh god this show was so great. It’s beautifully cast and David Tennant as a villain is something no-one should miss.



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I don’t think I’ve ever been hanging out for a holiday as much as these ones. After all the stress and load lately I really needed a breather. And lots of chocolate bilbies.

PS how cute is the easter basket my mum made for me? So many home made lamingtons – drool


Fuller House

march netflix fuller house

I know it’s going to seem like I watch a lot of TV (probably because as a pop culture nerd I sort of do) but I loved delving back into the world of Full House. I’m going to sound like such an old fogey saying this but it’s really nice to see a sitcom that doesn’t rely on cheap trashy humour to make people laugh.


The Wiggle Town! Tour

Let’s go to the Wiggles show!!!! @brisbanekidsofficial #brisbanekids #fmsphotoaday #fms_buddies

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 I took Bear to his first ever concert this month and it was amazing. He does this adorable little toddler twerk when the Wiggles come on at home so I knew this would be a winner.


The Kids Books Club


This is a fantastic intiative. For $25 a month,  gets a new picture book that has been picked specifically for his age and the proceeds go to assisting early literacy in underprivileged children. You can sign up your child here or buy a gift certificate for a little person in your life.


Shorncliffe Pier Reopening

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My grandmother lived in Shorncliffe and I spent many days running up and down this pier as a kid so it was devastating to see it fall into such disrepair. It reopened over Easter better than ever and I took Bear down to explore. I had tears remembering all the amazing fun we had in this place as children.

House Hunting

march house hunting

I love the process of house hunting, of going through houses and working out what won’t fit our needs. Like the house with no bath. What house marketed as a family home doesn’t have a bath? Even a little one?!!  Anyway, I love the possibility of it – the way you can walk through and imagine your own things in the house, turning everything around in your mind. I do not love the process of selling our own house because it means we have to clean all of Bear’s toys away all the time. Which is the worst.


What did you love this month? Share in the comments!

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  1. I loved Full House as a kid – haven’t watched Fuller House yet but I must! Good tip on Jessica Jones as well- I’m always looking for more great TV!

    1. I think I love the idea of it more than the reality some times! Now we’ve finished the process, I can go back to looking at the super expensive places feature on facebook and dream haha

    1. Oh yeah he does!
      I almost gave up on it but about 2 or 3 episodes in they stop all the self-referential nods to the original and it gets a lot better.

  2. Oh I have just started watching House of Cards, which I am loving…. Next up will be Jessica Jones

  3. Oh I loved Full House. I don’t have Netflix so not sure if I will get to see Fuller house! Best of luck with the house selling and buying.

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