Let’s Hear It For The Haters

This week’s prompt for I Must Confess was to write a letter to your enemy. I don’t really have any but it got me thinking about this quote.

haters difficult

I firmly believe that everyone comes into your life for a reason, that there is to be a lesson learnt from every person who crosses your path  and this extends to the ones that are not very nice. I’ve decided to use today’s confession to say thank you to the jerks and the haters. To the people that taught me a little more about the person I don’t want to be.

Thankyou to the tutor who gave the girls harder assignments than the boys while I was completing my traineeship because we ‘required more training’. You told me you were teaching me a valuable lesson about sexism in the workplace, that because I was a girl I would always have to work harder and be better to be taken seriously. The lesson I took away was to stand up for myself and others when something is not right. That to sit silently while misogyny occurs makes me complicit.

Thankyou to the woman who told my 9 month old son that he wouldn’t be so fat if mummy made him walk. I already knew not to walk up to strangers and say unkind things but you reminded me of the nastiness in this world. Because of you I made a decision to compliment strangers on things like cool tattoos and awesome hair colours. To help entertain other people’s cranky kids in supermarket checkout lines. To tell other mothers that they are doing a good job even when things seem hard. You showed me that the world needs more kindness and less judgement.

Thankyou to the former co-worker who continually undermined me to my boss while pretending to be my friend. You spent all day every day complaining about everything and dragged me down with your pessimism. I don’t make friends easily as a rule, I’m a little socially awkward and have trouble trusting people. You taught me that I would rather be alone and happy than let people in my life treat me badly and make me sad.

These were hard lessons to learn, but I’m grateful to know them. You have all played a part in making me who I am and for that I thank you.

haters taylor

Words to live by.  What would you say to your enemy if you had the chance? Confess in the comments or join the link up over at My Home Truths!

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  1. That was a great way to interpret the prompt, Tory. And as you say ‘these people have taught you lessons’. But, I am still reeling about the arrogance and insecurity of people who ‘think’ they have a right to comment/guide/advise others. We are all with our faults and failings. Maybe they get in first before anyone gets them. Sad to say. Denyse x

    1. Thanks Denyse! That’s very true. I try to believe that most of them are coming from a good place, that they are trying to help but just doing it the wrong way.

  2. Wow. I can’t believe someone told your child they were fat! How rude and insensitive. Those are some really great lessons you’ve learned.

  3. I completely missed the prompt this week and blogging at all, thanks to another troll attack at the weekend. I could possibly attempt an open letter to them via a blog post but concerned I will just inflame the situation. The fact they only targeted sponsored posts, would indicate that other bloggers are at play which is kind of weird, sad and disheartening.

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