Why Lasagna Is The Food Of Love

The act of someone cooking a meal for me has always felt like an act of love. The idea of someone going to effort to nourish others seems like the purest expression of love there is. Which brings me to lasagna. I’ve had many lasagnas over the years. My mum makes a pretty good one, and I’ve had a few in restaurants but nothing has ever been able to come close to the ones my husband makes for me. And the reason is love.

M first made me lasagna on our fourth date, hours before we shared our first I love yous, so even if it didn’t taste amazing, the concept of lasagna and love would forever be linked in my mind. Over the years, he’s made hundreds of lasagnas, and manages to continually alter the recipe. They never seem to taste the same twice.

When I went vegetarian for a while, he figured out how to make it taste almost as good so I didn’t have to miss my favourite meal.  He did threaten never to make it again if I went vegan. I think that was a challenge that was beyond even his ninja lasagna skills. Now our toddler refuses to eat vegetables and pasta, he’s spent ages researching ideas to include more vegetables in the recipe, and tries not to cry when Bear throws away the noodles. He’s even made a mexican meatball version which is truly to die for. He makes lasagna when life is sweet, and when it is all going to hell. And it might not be the best lasagna in the world to anyone else, but it always will be to me. Because cheesy deliciousness is love.

Do you have a meal that makes you feel loved? Share in the comments or join the link up over with Denyse.

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  1. Oh it’s nice that it has those connotations. Roasts are like that for me as they were my family’s ‘celebration’ dinners as I was growing up. We had them on other occasions but for birthdays and so forth it was always a roast!

  2. On one of our early dates Mickey Blues made me chops, lumpy mashed potatoes and corn. And a stale cupcake from a bakery for dessert. Yes, it was true love. LOL!

    I love lasagna but I’m not great at cooking at. And Mick’s cooking hasn’t improved over the years lol. Great story xo

  3. That’s such a lovely story although I can’t blame M for wanting to cry when the noodles are tossed aside. Kids are so strange! That’s the best part!

  4. Lasagna is my go to meal for gifting friends in need. I like your thinking that it is a food of love.
    I guess as the cook in the house, I feel like a corned beef dinner is loved by everyone in the family when I cook it. That gives me warm fuzzies when they all enjoy and there’s none of that whinging about the food that usually accompanies meal time!
    I really should ask them what favourite meal means love to them 🙂

  5. I’ve spent the last few years tinkering with my lasagne recipe to make it still taste rich and delicious without the meat. I’ve finally cracked it so we were eating it at least once a week for a while there! Some veggie lasagnes just aren’t the same so I think we missed it haha. Long live lasagne.

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