July Streaming Wrap Up: All The Best Kids Stuff Coming To Netflix and Stan

There is so much good stuff coming along – I may never leave the house again. Let’s get into the July Streaming Wrap Up shall we?


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The Goonies – 15 July

This movie is an absolute classic and perfect for a family movie night with your crew. TRUFFLE SHUUUFFLE!


The Adventures of Puss In Boots: Season 5 – 28 July

In spite of myself, I quite enjoy the antics of Puss In Boots. He was definitely the best character in the Shrek movies, and his shtick hasn’t quite worn thin even over 5 seasons of his own show.


The Shawshank Redemption – 16 July 2017

Hands down the greatest Stephen King movie of all time (at least until The Dark Tower comes out – I have high hopes). I watched it countless times in high school as it was my English teachers ‘go to’ movie for class, and it’s still good every time. Where else will you see Morgan Freeman play a white, Irish character named Red?


And The Rest

Something For the Kids

Dinosaur Train S3: 1 July (Downloadable)
Dance Academy S1&2: 1 July (Downloadable)
Sonic Boom S1: 1 July (Downloadable)
Bolt: 5 July
Dawn of the Croods S4: 7 July (Downloadable)
Luna Petunia S2: 7 July (Downloadable)
Paddington: 8 July (Downloadable)
Buddy Thunderstruck – The Maybe Pile: 14 July (Downloadable)
The Princess Diaries: 19 July
The Worst Witch S1: 21 July (Downloadable)


And Something For The Grown Ups

El Chema (S1): 1 July (Downloadable)
Friends From College S1: 14 July (Downloadable)
Suits S6: 14 July (Downloadable)
The Incredible Jessica James: 28 July (Downloadable)


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Ready Steady Wiggle Season 2 – 1 July

For all of us that just cannot watch the same episodes any more, there’s a new season of Ready Steady Wiggle that you can pop on to shower in peace!


Fairy Tale: A True Story – 5 July

I absolutely loved this movie when I was little. ┬áIt’s got a dynamite cast, and I was fascinated by the little Victorian girls who took pictures of faeries in their garden.


Fluke – 7 July

This one is a bit of a forgotten 90s classic about a workaholic coming back in the body of a dog. It’s a bit emotionally heavy for little kids, but has a beautiful message about what’s really important in life.


And The Rest

For The Kids

Ben 10 (2016): Season 1 – 1 July (new episodes weekly)
It’s Valentine’s Johnny Bravo – 1 July
Johnny Bravo Xmas Special – 1 July
Johnny Bravo: Season 1 – 1 July
Polly Pocket 3: Pollyworld – 3 July
The Powerpuff Girls (2016) Season 1 – 3 July (new episodes weekly)
Strawberry Shortcake: The Sky’s The Limit – 4 July
The Legend of Johnny Lingo – 6 July
Journey To The Centre Of The Earth – 7 July
Adventures of the American Rabbit – 9 July
Good Boy! – 11 July


And Something For the Grown Ups

Where The Wild Things Are – 1 July
The Woman In Black – 5 July
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – 9 July
Magic Mike – 28 July
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