January Love List: 7 Things I Loved This Month

Ah January. Everyone else gets snow and we get hot as hell temperatures that send everyone into the aircon.   It’s been a big month in our household, what with heading away for Bear’s first holiday as well as going back to work/day care. We also now officially have a toddler – he struts around the house like he owns the joint and proudly wears shoes in public (when he’s not ripping them off his feet).  I cannot believe how fast this month has gone already – it makes me a little sad.

1. Sherlock: The Case of the Abominable Bride

january sherlock


I am an unashamed card-carrying Cumberbitch (sorry Benedict, I know you hate that).  I’m also a fan of Steven Moffat, including what he’s done with Doctor Who (ooooh controversy, if you didn’t get that, congratulations on not being a dork). I’ve been looking forward to the new Victorian Sherlock episode ever since I first heard it was on the cards. So on New Years Day, I packed Bear and his dad off to see the grandparents and sat and watched it all alone. Bliss!

2. The Redcliffe Jetty Markets

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We’ve made a commitment this year to healthier eating, last year Bear ate far better than the rest of us. To this end, we’ve been heading down to the Jetty Markets on a Sunday morning to buy all our produce for the week.   I love getting my morning smoothie while I’m there (so nice to have someone else wash the blender), and the occasional plate of Pofferjetes that are generally polished off by Bear before I get a bite. The produce we get there is always fantastic and lasts so much longer than what we get from the supermarket.

3. BlackStar by David Bowie.

january bowie black star

Is it embarrassing to admit that I’ve been bawling my way through this album?  Bowie’s goodbye note to this fans is just on point as always, such a loss.

4. The Sin Du Jour Series

january sin du jour

I just discovered the Sin Du Jour series by Matt Wallace this month. I freakin loved this books. They definitely have a place in my list of books I will re-read over and over again.  You can find my review of Lustlocked here.

5. Lush Mask of Magnaminty

january lush mask of magnaminty

I actually first got this in a free sample when I did an internet order, and decided to give it a run. It’s fab! My skin always feels fantastic afterwards and I’ve noticed my breakouts have almost completely gone away. Hooray!

6. Deadpool’s Australia Day Message (NSFW)

I’ve been so excited by Deadpool’s marketing videos and fell off the couch laughing at this one wishing everyone a happy Australia Day. I could not be more psyched for this movie if I tried and I’m still only 10% psyched compared to the gentleman of the house.  I’ll be reviewing the movie next month, so keep an eye out!


january dogma

Again, sobbed my way through. I’ve rewatched a lot of Alan Rickman’s back catalogue in January but I think the wonderfully sarcastic Metatron is a highlight of his career.

What did you love this month? Share in the comments!


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    1. So sad I was singing Let’s Dance and grooving with my son last night and thought ‘he will never hear a new David Bowie song’ 🙁

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