January Love List: 7 Things I Loved This Month

Oh my god I can’t even write it’s been so bloody wretchedly hot. Except those times when it was bucketing down with rain and I was curled up with hot tea and a blanky. January just could not get it together weather wise. Truly four seasons in one month! Despite all that, it’s been a roaringly good start to the year and I think I’ve been kicking some goals on my one word resolution for 2017.  Well enough about me, let’s talk some more about ,well it’s still about me – here it is folks – the January Love List!


A Day Out With Thomas

I loved being able to indulge my son’s Thomas love at the Workshops this year. Check out the review here  because there’s another one coming up!



Due to school holidays, Bear got to spend lots of time with his Brissie based cousins, but also got a surprise visit from his rarely seen Canberra cousins. I didn’t think he’d remember them from 6 months ago but he did. It was so lovely watching the three of them playing and the older kids bonding with their little cousin. I definitely need to plan a trip to Canberra I think!


Cubby House Museum

This was such a fantastic way to get out of the heat. A museum exhibit devoted to different types of cubby houses – what a fantastic way to beat the heat! Check out other ways to get out of the summer heatwave here.



Sherlock came back but I’m still not emotionally prepared to talk about it.  sits in the corner, rocking and sobbing quietly MOFFAAAATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!


Splice Smoothies

It’s been so hot that I could eat my weight in Splice ice creams, but sadly I learned that they are not in fact gluten free. THE HORROR. In my sadness, I figured out how to recreate the tangy sweet creamy taste in smoothie form. You can find that deliciousness here.


Book Club

So as I mentioned earlier, part of my one word resolution was to get out of the house more and make some real life friends. So off I toddled to a local sci-fi book club to meet some new people. And I’m happy to report that I loved every second of it! A lot of the girls were geeky mums too, and while I love my mothers group to death, they kinda glaze over when I talk about Doctor Who. It was lovely to meet a new tribe where I can let my nerdy little freak flag fly, even if I didn’t quite manage to read the book!


Dear God He’s Organised…..

So we bought my son an activity tower when he first started toddling to help him be involved when we were preparing meals and to stop his clinginess. He still uses it pretty regularly to hang out with us, but this month he figured out it can be pushed around the house to help him reach various spots without climbing. While I’m relieved that he’s not trying to climb or do anything dangerous, the contents of my fridge may never be the same again!


What would make your January Love List? Tell me what you’ve been loving this month in the comments!

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  1. Splice smoothies are genius! Can’t wait to try them. We loved hanging out in the air-conditioning during January and also spending time with family. The kids loved catching up with their cousins, and even all the fur babies of the various families got along well. Oh and late nights and sleep-ins. We’re missing those already.

  2. I hate the heat and am very grateful for ducted air con in this rental house. We have always had it in home we owned and it was the prime reason we rented this place. I hope you (and the rest of Aust) gets some relief from the heat soon. Really good to know you have ventured out and found a tribe which suits you!! My hub recently made a step stool thingy like your Master has and I know my DIL gets value from it at the bench with 2 little girls who want to HELP!!
    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week 5/52. Next week’s prompt is “How Much Money is Enough”.

    1. It’s such a lovely thing for them. We bought ours from a local carpenter and it’s been an absolute godsend for stopping tantrums. He’s much less likely to get mad about being left out when he’s at that level and he can help us cook. He’s particularly good at stirring or so he thinks 😉

  3. The splice smoothies sound delish! My january list would involve trips to the beach and hanging out with family. I love that my girls are close with their cousins, and those that are from away rebond so quickly when they are in town. So special.

    1. It’s such a special relationship. I’ve got literally dozens of cousins and I always love to catch up with them again. My auntie hosts an annual ‘cousins day’ where everyone gets together and brings their kids to a theme park or zoo – it’s always a wonderful catch up!

  4. It has taken a while for our weather to get it together and be summer like, and even now I have my doubts about whether the wet season has settled in. I love my air con at the moment. I can’t believe how fast the month has gone, probably always being at work has contributed. I love that when I did get away for a day I got to see something I’ve wanted to for a while, a cassowary! That cubby house museum sounds like an fun place to visit.

  5. This is a wonderful post! We have smoothies most mornings. The fridge comment made me smile. My favorite part of January: That my nephew is out of the hospital. He’s been in and out and has Trisomy 18. I’m also loving that studying for the Spelling Bee is coming to an end. My 11 year old has been studying for a few months now. I suck with spelling, so it’s not my cup of tea. I’m glad he did win the last one though!

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